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Rifthead was created with the purpose of providing RIFT players with tools to make their gameplay more enjoyable.

New and exciting features are continuously added in order to stay ahead as the leading RIFT information website. We are constantly striving to improve the site, and there are always lots of new features in the works! We'd love to know what you think, so if there's something you'd like to see implemented on the site be sure to contact us!


Rifthead officially launched in February of 2013, with the help of many developers and content creators from Wowhead and ZAM.

The Team

Ann | Amy | Claire | Dan | Jerek | Kyle | Zack

Ann (Cyliena) <Senior Content Manager>

Ann was a volunteer wiki editor on Allakhazam before being hired on to the ZAM Free Realms site in early 2009. Since then she has added multiple projects, including Rifthead, to her work at ZAM.

Ann was introduced to online gaming back during the reign of MUDs, and even met her husband of over a decade through one. In March of 1999, a little game called "EverQuest" whisked her up with its valuable cracked staff and life has been a crazy MMO ride ever since. She still actively plays Rift, EverQuest II, Free Realms, and Guild Wars 2, and occasionally pops in to adventure on EverQuest and Vanguard. Outside the MMO-world, Ann enjoys many RPGs such as the Elder Scrolls, Diablo, and Wizardry series, strategy games such as Civilization V or the Total War series, and her monthly tabletop D&D sessions.

  • Musical Obsession: Nightwish
  • Real Life Crafting: Beaded Jewelry and Ribbon Hair Clips || (Pinterest | Crafting Blog)
  • Crazy Cat Lady Level: 4

Amy (Calthine) <QA Lead>

Amy volunteered at an interesting assortment of gaming sites before joining the Allakhazam EQII team in 2007. Today she works on multiple projects across the network including Rifthead. Her resume includes chick bassist, waitress, operating room data coordinator, bar manager, and wholesale booze salesperson. Somewhere along the line she acquired a degree in writing. Amy was introduced to MMO's by the man she eventually married, who was smart enough to get her hooked on EverQuest before proposing. Calthine was her first EQ character.

When not immersed in MMO's she's raising kids and being a domestic diva in the frozen north. Or should that be the other way around?

  • Favorite Song: Walking on Sunshine by Katrina and the Waves
  • Favorite Authors: Connie Willis, Lois McMaster Bujold, Robert A. Heinlein
  • Weakness: A good cup of coffee. Or a bad one. Or anything in a cup with the word "coffee" on it.

Claire (PoetikDragon) <Software Developer>

Claire is a web development prodigy, who's been working on Guildhead since the beginning and has previously worked on Wowhead. At Wowhead she acted as the driving force behind a number of projects, including the item comparison, weight scales, and hunter pet calculator, as well as being instrumental in the creation of the profiler!

Claire is a die hard roleplayer and has been playing various tabletop and live action games since she was 12. She has a head for problem solving and algorithms, and the first piece of code she ever wrote was a dice roller for Dungeons and Dragons on her graphing calculator. From there she branched out into true programming languages and better games, eventually combining her love of both when she discovered World of Warcraft. At the time of release she was studying for a computer science degree and it seemed natural to branch out into web development and lua addons to support her growing WoW addiction. Now she spends more time writing tools for the game than actually playing, but its what she enjoys most about it. She is still at heart a pen-and-paper gamer and participates in half a dozen local games when she finds the time -- even if it means she misses a raid. She met her husband at her first LARP and now plays WoW with him (though he is a total noob).

  • Obsession: Anything with dragons
  • Favorite game system: Fireborn (and close second, 7th Sea)
  • Pointless, masochistic goal: 1 of each race and class to max level

Dan (fewyn) <Community Manager>

Dan began his career in the MMO industry as a content manager for Allakhazam's WoW site, he was quickly seduced into moving over to Wowhead and then he moved on to multiple projects throughout the ZAM Network, such as Guildhead, Rifthead, Tera Tome, and Torhead.

Dan began his gaming career with by grabbing the legendary Commander Keen off of a BBS. He later started becoming involved in online communities with the release of Final Fantasy VII. Later on he moved into MMOs playing some classics such as EverQuest and World of Warcraft, and a lot of other MMOs inbetween. When he's not doing MMO-related things, he's listening to music, reading, or running a Kingdom of Loathing site called KoLMafia.

  • Number of times run over with a car: Only once, we swear
  • Favorite Kingdom of Loathing character class: Accordion Thief
  • Snack of choice: Mike and Ikes

Jerek (Jerek) <Designer / Software Developer>

Coming Soon!

Kyle (SpiffyJr) <Software Developer>

Kyle began his PHP career writing an event management system called PhpRaider for WoW during his freshman year in college. After graduation, he worked as an embedded software engineer for several years before being hired to develop a content management system in PHP. He was picked up by ZAM to work on Wowhead after seeing an ad for new developers on Torhead and has been pwning code ever since.

Kyle began his gaming career on Duck Hunt when he was five with his Nintendo. He started his multiplayer career at age 11 with a MUD called Gemstone III before moving onto MMO's with Star Wars Galaxies. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his daughter and wife, gaming, lifting, yoga, and sports.

  • Favorite sport: Volleyball
  • Favorite game: ALL TEH THINGZ.
  • Words of wisdom: Everything needs balance - strive to achieve it.

Zack (premixedpie) <Software Developer>

Coming Soon!