ClericThe cleric is a very good beginner class. They are well rounded and can be used to play most roles. Thy can be healers, tanks or melee fighters. The cleric is easy to play and you do not need to keep track of too many special functions. This class uses chain armor and shields. Their weapons are centered around maces and wands.

Below you can read more about the souls that are available from the start if you choose to play as a cleric.


This is an offensive soul that gains it power from the fears of others. The cabalist uses sigils and rituals to attack multiple enemies with very strong attacks. Example of attacks include calling forth suffocating water and seeping death.

The cabalist need time to build up the full force of their attacks. They remain vulnerable to fast attacks before they have built up full force and before their sigils have taken effect. They are vulnerable to rush attacks from melee units.

They can do immense damage to a large section of the battlefield once they have built up their power and their sigils have taken effect. They are hard to beat once they have built their power.


The druids are hand to hand fighters. They strengthen their bodies and minds by bonding with Fae to draw upon the magical powers possessed by their pet companions. The druids use pets to help them fight their battles.

The Druid are only as strong as their Fae companion. Destroy their pets and they will be significantly weakened. A weakened Druid is easily defeated by most other classes.

The Druid prefer close combat melee fighting where both they and their pets can do a lot of damage. The pets are mainly used as a source of power. Not as direct combatants. The druid does not need to charge their power and should therefore run straight into battle and try to defeat strong range units before they have had time to build up their power.


The inquisitor is a class of cleric that draws power both from the dark and the light side, from death and from life. They judge the fighters on the battlefield blessing the worthy and damming the unworthy. They are strong units that derive their power from their devote faith. The Inquisitor does not wear heavy armament.

These units are not as strong as a more specialized units but their combined skill set make them very useful on the battlefield. They can do great damage and provide healing.

The Inquisitor is a strong unit that excels in one on one combat where they can use their enemies strengths against their.


Justicars are clerics that get their power from life. Their strength lies in their ability to heal nearby allied units. Their power builds with every swing of their weapons. The power builds aids allies and improves the healing power on the justificar.

They are melee units that comes to their right in the middle of the battlefields. They are able to stay alive in the middle of intense battle where other units would find it hard to do so. They also help other units stay alive by healing them with every swing of their blade.

The Justificar needs to be in melee combat to be able to do damage and power up their healing powers. They are weak against distance attacks and is easily defeated by attacks from a distance.


The Purifier is one of the strongest healing units in the game. They can heal even the most damaged ally. A level 65 a purifier can walk around the battle field like a god manifesting itself as healing flames that sweeps the battlefield.

The purifier have gone through a test of faith where they are purified by fired. The clerics who survive becomes purifiers and gain mastery of fire. They can attack using the power of their ancestors.

The purifier only have limited offensive powers and quickly get defeated by melee units if they are allowed to engage the purifier in hand to hand combat.


The sentinel are a group of clerics devoted to supporting other units on the battlefield. They heal allied units and provide them with a magical power boost turning even the weakest unit into a formidable fighting machines .

This unit is a good addition to a group that wants to increase their power but is very weak when acting alone. They lack strong offensive powers.


The shaman taps in to the cold and ice of the north. The unit is a strong melee fighter that can use the power of ice for attacks as well as shields and healing. It is a powerful short range fighter that combines hard hitting strikes with powerful magic..

The shaman can not bolster allies. Nor can they provide healing for serious damage. The unit is weak against other units that have a strong defensive powers.

This unit is most suitable for a more advanced player that already level up a few other cleric types.


The Warden is connected to the ebb and flow of the tides. It is a healing unit that is best used as a supportive unit. They are very weak against melee attacks from fighters that are able to get close to the warden before they powered up their defensive spells.

The warden needs time to cast their spell. The healing power of the unit increase as the battle rages on. Their healing powers get stronger with time. This makes the warden an excellent ally in long battles where other healers might exhaust themselves. The warden can also help to boost the power of their allies. The power of the warden builds slowly and it is important to protect wardens early in the battle. Loosing a warden before they can cast their spells will weaken your group considerably later in the battle.