Upload Rift logs


  1. Discovery logs are limited to 15MB per upload. If you have one that is larger please split it into smaller files and upload separately.
  2. New logs are parsed approximately every 10 minutes. There may be some delay for larger logs or for a high volume of logs.
  3. Your drops/locations should appear shortly after this time for logged in users.
  4. Items/NPCs not yet in our Database are ignored until they show up in data. Please try re-uploading later.

How to start logging and upload a Discovery.log file

  1. If you have never started logging before, type /discoverylog on the first character with which you log in. It should say in the console that logging is enabled, and this only needs done once. If it tells you logging has been disabled/stopped, simply type the command again to enable.
  2. Click the Browse button and navigate to your Discovery.log file in your My Documents directory.
    • e.g., C:\Users\Name\Documents\RIFT\Discovery.log
  3. Click Upload.
  4. Delete your Discovery.log before starting Rift again to ensure that future uploads contain only new data.