Rift contains a lot of different dungeons. Many of them are both challenging and rewarding to play.

DUNGEONThere are 3 different currencies that can be used in the dungeons. Plaques of Achievement, Slayer’s Marks and Abyssal Crusader’s Marks these currencies are required for some high end craft recipes as well as for upgrading your gear.

Dungeons found in the original game

You will visit some of these dungeons several times during the game. The name used below are most commonly used for the last time you visit them (at the highest level) but can also refer to earlier visits.
Abyssal Precipice = AP
Upper/Lower Caduceus Rise = UCR/LCR/CR
Charmer’s Caldera = CC
Darkening Deeps = DD
DeepStrike Mines = DSM
Foul Cascade = FC
Iron Tomb = IT
Fall of Lantern Hook = LH
King’s Breach = KB
Runic Descent = RD
Realm of the Fae = RotF

Dungeons found in the extension Storm Legion

Archive of Flesh = AoF/AF/Archive
Golem Foundry = GF/Foundry
Empyrean Core = EC/Emp Core
Exodus of the Storm Queen = Exodus/Storm Queen
Realm of Twisted Dreams = RotD
Deepstrike Mine = RtD/RtDM/RD/RDM
Storm Breaker Protocol = SBP
Tower of the Shattered = ToS/Tower/Shattered
Unhallowed Boneforge = UB/Boneforge

Dungeons found in the extension Nightmare Tide

Citadel of Insanity = Citadel
Glacial Maw = GM/Glacial Maw
Gyel Fortress = GF/Gyel
Nightmare Coast = NC
Return to Empyrean Core = EC
Return to Iron Tomb = IT