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Master Craftsman's Mark

Master Craftsman's Mark
Bind on pickup
Stacks To: 999
Earned by completing Master crafting quests and rifts.


3 npcs found
Ekkzell Klamert
<Specialty Crafting Goods>
NeutralSanctumBahralt StreetElite Named
Surenchu Chechegi
<Specialty Crafting Goods>
NeutralMeridianThe ManufactoryElite Named
<Specialty Crafting Goods>
NeutralTempest BayThe CanalsNormal Solo EP
15 item-discoveries found
Player NameGuildServerDiscovered On
KaelonNo QuarterWolfsbaneSep 28th 2011, 16:28:05
HayzeeFires of HeavenFaeblightSep 28th 2011, 16:30:22
ShankapotamusBlacklistedDeepwoodSep 28th 2011, 16:31:23
TahrinLucidiumGreybriarSep 28th 2011, 16:32:05
SylvanAscensionSeastoneSep 28th 2011, 16:34:15
ChanseyAnd Two Stealthed RoguesLaethysSep 28th 2011, 16:34:46
SoulusVengeanceBloodironSep 29th 2011, 01:59:30
DragoneKazualsBrisesolSep 29th 2011, 02:01:02
ShemichazaTherapieBrutwachtSep 29th 2011, 02:04:19
IsphetThe FallenReclaimerOct 27th 2011, 03:20:14
MadiusZavielJun 14th 2013, 07:09:13
KanzyaniThe Rift WalkersGelidraJun 14th 2013, 07:53:58
FeistyHailolJun 15th 2013, 02:24:42
QwueyERRANTES DEL TIEMPOTyphiriaOct 29th 2013, 05:02:26
KillnickRefugeDec 8th 2013, 11:16:44
2 comments found
By AlyKat at 2012-04-25 18:47:11
You get 1 per week from the weekly.
You can get them from doing crafting rifts of skills you have.
You have a very small chance of getting one when you hand in your crafting dailies.
You can buy them with artisan marks (500 AM for 1 MCM. )
The Rift Mobile App will also award Artisan Marks and Master Craftsman's Marks. Play the minigame "Crafty Critters".
By MathiusX at 2013-08-21 08:01:19
cost has been lowered to 400 AMs for 1 MCM
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