Quick Facts

  • Runebreakable: 226
  • Salvageable: 290 (Outfitter)


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Slippers of the Dawn

Slippers of the Dawn
Bind on pickup
Cloth Armor
Armor +852
Wisdom +25
Endurance +20
Intelligence +46
Spell Power +21
Nyx's Raiment
  • Set bonus requires a Synergy Crystal.
Requires Level 50
Runebreakable (Runebreaking 226)
Salvageable (Outfitter 290)


1 npc found
30 items found
NameRequired LevelSlotType
Robe of the Dawn
50ChestCloth Armor
Infernal Gloves
50GlovesCloth Armor
Nyx's Runeburst Mantle
50ShouldersCloth Armor
Nyx's Runevoid Vestments
50ChestCloth Armor
Infernal Cowl
50HelmetCloth Armor
Vestments of the Flamespeaker
50ChestCloth Armor
Nyx's Runevoid Trousers
50LegsCloth Armor
Nyx's Runeburst Cowl
50HelmetCloth Armor
Nyx's Runevoid Wraps
50GlovesCloth Armor
Gloves of the Dawn
50GlovesCloth Armor
Mantle of Burning Conquest
50ShouldersCloth Armor
Pantaloons of the Dawn
50LegsCloth Armor
Cowl of the Dawn
50HelmetCloth Armor
Nyx's Runeburst Trousers
50LegsCloth Armor
Nyx's Runevoid Cowl
50HelmetCloth Armor
Nyx's Runeburst Treads
50FeetCloth Armor
Nyx's Runeburst Cinch
50BeltCloth Armor
Nyx's Runevoid Mantle
50ShouldersCloth Armor
Nyx's Runeburst Wraps
50GlovesCloth Armor
Nyx's Runevoid Cinch
50BeltCloth Armor
Nyx's Runeburst Vestments
50ChestCloth Armor
Infernal Belt
50BeltCloth Armor
Infernal Pantaloons
50LegsCloth Armor
Infernal Slippers
50FeetCloth Armor
Belt of the Dawn
50BeltCloth Armor
Slippers of the Dawn
50FeetCloth Armor
Nyx's Runevoid Treads
50FeetCloth Armor
Shoulderpads of the Dawn
50ShouldersCloth Armor
Infernal Shoulderpads
50ShouldersCloth Armor
Infernal Robe
50ChestCloth Armor
9 items found
14 item-discoveries found
Player NameGuildServerDiscovered On
TsubasaNegative GhostriderGreybriarMay 8th 2012, 04:13:39
OwnagejuiceBlackoutSeastoneMay 8th 2012, 04:56:45
DemoninObsceneBloodironMay 10th 2012, 15:32:38
SunsoulStaticWolfsbaneMay 12th 2012, 04:20:39
SunshyneVendettaFaeblightMay 17th 2012, 02:30:37
ShuyalaCélestiusBrisesolMay 18th 2012, 22:26:52
AlenonSo Many AchievablesDeepwoodMay 25th 2012, 03:04:32
WeisskreuzFreelancerBrutwachtMay 31st 2012, 21:13:26
ShylynxAddictionLaethysJun 8th 2012, 01:47:55
SphereGelidraJun 14th 2013, 07:44:10
EvilmooZavielJun 14th 2013, 07:44:36
ZokotHailolJun 18th 2013, 00:40:09
SedjanTyphiriaOct 29th 2013, 08:34:41
SamunitRefugeDec 29th 2013, 01:33:38
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