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Fires of HeavenReclaimer3556 W12142 S119 A3456 N7619 I851 Q70 R27 C
MaximationReclaimer2374 W7849 S136 A2094 N5121 I464 Q24 R10 C
AddictionLotham2182 W7736 S0 A2165 N5571 I0 Q0 R0 C
Halcyon AffinityGreybriar1914 W11399 S131 A3239 N7186 I720 Q119 R4 C
HavenSeastone1508 W6155 S33 A1855 N3699 I520 Q40 R8 C
No QuarterLaethys1412 W6790 S135 A1851 N4204 I518 Q52 R30 C
AesirBrutwacht1125 W3386 S23 A1393 N1293 I668 Q9 R0 C
PersonaWolfsbane1065 W6162 S143 A1484 N3923 I462 Q94 R56 C
Thelyn EnnorBrutwacht924 W6703 S144 A1545 N4555 I330 Q109 R20 C
Terrible IdeaDeepwood910 W6229 S261 A1197 N4167 I201 Q79 R324 C
TrinityGreybriar869 W5103 S198 A1022 N3675 I113 Q80 R15 C
GaisciochFaeblight836 W8943 S103 A1568 N6724 I318 Q195 R35 C
BabytownFaeblight713 W5461 S176 A1428 N3515 I271 Q50 R21 C
Realm GuardiansGreybriar702 W4751 S91 A1039 N3176 I362 Q77 R6 C
GrudgeSeastone677 W5137 S30 A1712 N3055 I317 Q15 R8 C
BlackOutBrutwacht672 W4363 S221 A792 N2995 I300 Q28 R27 C
AFK ShakeweightSpitescar667 W3044 S0 A1291 N1753 I0 Q0 R0 C
ConspiracyBrisesol629 W4979 S143 A1063 N3295 I286 Q91 R101 C
TherapieBrutwacht627 W2857 S102 A603 N1724 I242 Q180 R6 C
Game OverBrutwacht615 W3153 S84 A708 N2006 I294 Q61 R0 C
ValhallaGreybriar604 W4398 S35 A917 N3108 I237 Q91 R10 C
The ChosenGreybriar597 W4161 S59 A934 N2912 I173 Q74 R9 C
-VIRUS-Deepwood566 W1777 S94 A409 N1078 I84 Q85 R27 C
NerfedWolfsbane520 W6972 S91 A1894 N4536 I324 Q119 R8 C
PainRocklift496 W5846 S0 A1976 N3870 I0 Q0 R0 C
The Platinum OrderFaeblight488 W3994 S37 A414 N3230 I138 Q122 R53 C
White FangGreybriar475 W2980 S32 A260 N2584 I69 Q19 R16 C
Old Timers GuildGreybriar451 W5065 S30 A465 N4282 I230 Q49 R9 C
DragonridersFaeblight450 W3871 S20 A1568 N1774 I504 Q4 R1 C
Black DaggersSeastone448 W2215 S25 A483 N1634 I69 Q3 R1 C
Khalim'nĂ Brisesol447 W4719 S167 A1028 N3258 I195 Q44 R27 C
GilgameshBrutmutter427 W5015 S112 A648 N3893 I148 Q197 R17 C
VirusDeepwood424 W3388 S47 A515 N2510 I202 Q114 R0 C
LucidiumGreybriar422 W3726 S107 A669 N2668 I130 Q79 R73 C
FallenGnarlwood419 W4388 S0 A1478 N2910 I0 Q0 R0 C
The KinshipFaeblight413 W6056 S37 A1397 N4028 I324 Q256 R14 C
SourcestoneFaeblight403 W1665 S15 A485 N1043 I114 Q6 R2 C
Shoma KyoBrutwacht400 W2404 S40 A401 N1720 I197 Q22 R24 C
InsanityBrisesol398 W4056 S113 A747 N2935 I212 Q39 R10 C
The Older GamersWolfsbane390 W2539 S21 A214 N2106 I134 Q34 R30 C
VengeanceBloodiron388 W5884 S84 A1273 N4011 I374 Q117 R25 C
PhilanthropyFaeblight378 W3635 S33 A427 N2975 I59 Q52 R89 C
Fires of HeavenDeepwood366 W2278 S59 A358 N1646 I136 Q75 R4 C
MutinyGreybriar348 W3225 S84 A678 N2339 I75 Q43 R6 C
CovenantDeepwood344 W780 S0 A0 N780 I0 Q0 R0 C
Tabula RasaLaethys339 W4448 S121 A780 N3326 I117 Q83 R21 C
EnigmaShadefallen330 W3867 S0 A1234 N2633 I0 Q0 R0 C
WreckedWolfsbane327 W2276 S13 A73 N2113 I47 Q4 R26 C
The GuildGreybriar327 W1605 S7 A468 N1050 I49 Q30 R1 C
The EnclaveReclaimer314 W3030 S16 A457 N2297 I131 Q123 R6 C