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Fires of HeavenReclaimer3429 W8076 S119 A2154 N4855 I851 Q70 R27 C
MaximationReclaimer2325 W5163 S136 A1273 N3256 I464 Q24 R10 C
Halcyon AffinityGreybriar1844 W7554 S131 A1977 N4603 I720 Q119 R4 C
HavenSeastone1454 W4121 S33 A1143 N2377 I520 Q40 R8 C
AesirBrutwacht1150 W3482 S23 A1393 N1389 I668 Q9 R0 C
No QuarterLaethys1111 W4567 S135 A1141 N2691 I518 Q52 R30 C
TrinityGreybriar1005 W4156 S254 A660 N2989 I113 Q86 R54 C
Thelyn EnnorBrutwacht966 W6992 S144 A1545 N4844 I330 Q109 R20 C
Terrible IdeaDeepwood915 W4205 S259 A748 N2594 I201 Q79 R324 C
-VIRUS-Deepwood906 W2298 S171 A327 N1401 I95 Q97 R207 C
GaisciochFaeblight861 W5906 S103 A968 N4287 I318 Q195 R35 C
PersonaWolfsbane853 W4184 S142 A922 N2508 I462 Q94 R56 C
BlackOutBrutwacht731 W4591 S221 A796 N3219 I300 Q28 R27 C
BabytownFaeblight722 W3630 S176 A879 N2233 I271 Q50 R21 C
TherapieBrutwacht691 W2980 S102 A603 N1847 I242 Q180 R6 C
Game OverBrutwacht663 W3287 S84 A708 N2140 I294 Q61 R0 C
GrudgeSeastone622 W3359 S30 A1048 N1941 I317 Q15 R8 C
Realm GuardiansGreybriar622 W3196 S91 A643 N2017 I362 Q77 R6 C
ValhallaGreybriar581 W2946 S35 A573 N2000 I237 Q91 R10 C
The ChosenGreybriar526 W2759 S58 A584 N1861 I173 Q74 R9 C
ConspiracyBrisesol514 W3408 S143 A662 N2125 I286 Q91 R101 C
NerfedWolfsbane509 W4607 S91 A1163 N2902 I324 Q119 R8 C
The Platinum OrderFaeblight482 W2654 S37 A256 N2048 I138 Q122 R53 C
Old Timers GuildGreybriar468 W3557 S30 A287 N2951 I231 Q49 R9 C
VirusDeepwood440 W2282 S47 A318 N1601 I202 Q114 R0 C
Khalim'nĂ Brisesol437 W3745 S197 A702 N2573 I202 Q44 R27 C
Shoma KyoBrutwacht433 W2526 S40 A401 N1842 I197 Q22 R24 C
LucidiumGreybriar430 W2771 S108 A420 N1959 I131 Q80 R73 C
DragonridersFaeblight430 W2632 S20 A971 N1132 I504 Q4 R1 C
White FangGreybriar428 W2154 S33 A175 N1840 I70 Q19 R17 C
The KinshipFaeblight427 W4064 S37 A859 N2574 I324 Q256 R14 C
PhilanthropyFaeblight424 W3105 S40 A303 N2521 I85 Q55 R101 C
Black DaggersSeastone412 W1424 S25 A293 N1033 I69 Q3 R1 C
SourcestoneFaeblight394 W1101 S15 A298 N666 I114 Q6 R2 C
Fires of HeavenDeepwood388 W1574 S59 A226 N1074 I136 Q75 R4 C
VengeanceBloodiron386 W3942 S84 A779 N2563 I374 Q117 R25 C
The Older GamersWolfsbane381 W1693 S21 A134 N1340 I134 Q34 R30 C
CovenantDeepwood354 W559 S0 A0 N559 I0 Q0 R0 C
InsanityBrisesol335 W2695 S113 A448 N1873 I212 Q39 R10 C
Addiction GuildGreybriar331 W793 S45 A99 N626 I10 Q12 R1 C
The EnclaveReclaimer322 W2031 S16 A279 N1476 I131 Q123 R6 C
Temporal InsurgenceFaeblight315 W1871 S38 A176 N1513 I54 Q70 R20 C
MutinyGreybriar314 W2430 S96 A451 N1752 I82 Q43 R6 C
The GuildGreybriar313 W1059 S7 A295 N677 I49 Q30 R1 C
Silky VenomGreybriar308 W1816 S24 A88 N1540 I58 Q99 R7 C
BloodLustBrisesol301 W5143 S128 A985 N3474 I308 Q212 R36 C
-Vendetta-Greybriar294 W1455 S65 A142 N1134 I51 Q52 R11 C
CrayonsFaeblight293 W1784 S74 A212 N1307 I73 Q111 R7 C
Altruistic ValoriansFaeblight286 W2634 S58 A556 N1824 I163 Q26 R7 C
- Divine Fury -Deepwood284 W840 S21 A76 N722 I9 Q0 R12 C