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XelaraAwakeningSeastone1081 W2320 S28 A817 N982 I493 Q0 R0 C
SonokoMeow MixWolfsbane986 W3044 S192 A442 N2213 I113 Q14 R70 C
FaceFires of HeavenReclaimer787 W1180 S16 A341 N631 I192 Q0 R0 C
MyzedraPrimalGreybriar734 W2186 S25 A779 N963 I419 Q0 R0 C
Accol-VIRUS-Deepwood711 W1540 S119 A112 N854 I97 Q151 R207 C
NerfedFires of HeavenReclaimer665 W846 S11 A314 N385 I131 Q5 R0 C
BhariaAesirBrutwacht618 W1738 S9 A748 N651 I330 Q0 R0 C
XarraAesirBrutwacht607 W1833 S19 A699 N733 I373 Q9 R0 C
AcetoneHacAttackReclaimer509 W714 S15 A306 N342 I48 Q0 R3 C
JudgeFires of HeavenReclaimer470 W626 S12 A216 N290 I107 Q1 R0 C
ZedezDragonridersFaeblight423 W2416 S20 A929 N966 I498 Q3 R0 C
KontrabandHalcyon AffinityGreybriar396 W1026 S16 A319 N529 I158 Q4 R0 C
AldyTerrible IdeaDeepwood392 W1223 S104 A113 N586 I65 Q37 R318 C
MorfienMaximationReclaimer376 W525 S8 A163 N294 I59 Q1 R0 C
HanloFires of HeavenReclaimer361 W570 S6 A236 N274 I54 Q0 R0 C
ManasaCovenantDeepwood354 W560 S0 A0 N560 I0 Q0 R0 C
PhoonNo QuarterLaethys330 W802 S17 A274 N334 I175 Q0 R2 C
NylaValhallaGreybriar322 W1142 S19 A361 N574 I172 Q16 R0 C
JujusMaximationReclaimer317 W424 S8 A103 N268 I43 Q2 R0 C
TorinMaximationReclaimer313 W507 S9 A132 N317 I49 Q0 R0 C
DizdainThe GuildGreybriar310 W857 S5 A296 N488 I67 Q0 R1 C
SingularityInsidiousFaeblight275 W1105 S7 A380 N575 I139 Q0 R4 C
SummersunnSourcestoneFaeblight272 W630 S5 A226 N309 I90 Q0 R0 C
KazilliPersonaWolfsbane244 W805 S15 A217 N483 I82 Q5 R3 C
ChozenMaximationReclaimer231 W318 S11 A94 N194 I19 Q0 R0 C
KestiaNo QuarterWolfsbane224 W1861 S10 A558 N836 I354 Q98 R5 C
GodestShoma KyoBrutwacht214 W807 S11 A56 N691 I8 Q14 R27 C
RuneAddictionSeastone208 W1021 S28 A321 N544 I126 Q2 R0 C
TorquemadaTelaran KnightsLaethys192 W557 S1 A61 N485 I3 Q7 R0 C
TesaSurvivorsWolfsbane192 W527 S0 A0 N519 I4 Q0 R4 C
MyclessTherapieBrutwacht185 W608 S15 A64 N399 I66 Q61 R3 C
DispoMutinyGreybriar184 W1052 S51 A313 N637 I47 Q2 R2 C
SpringSourcestoneFaeblight179 W403 S4 A107 N230 I55 Q5 R2 C
TusangreFace Plant IncWolfsbane177 W2124 S10 A824 N861 I429 Q0 R0 C
NomnombabiesFires of HeavenDeepwood177 W396 S9 A42 N251 I37 Q56 R1 C
WoodsyowlThe ConvictedBloodiron173 W1654 S16 A538 N796 I304 Q0 R0 C
SonokoMeow MixGreybriar172 W319 S20 A90 N141 I23 Q41 R4 C
CoritaConspiracyBrisesol170 W786 S39 A110 N468 I98 Q7 R64 C
TathametPersonaWolfsbane163 W782 S22 A213 N405 I140 Q2 R0 C
AccolForsakenSeastone157 W441 S14 A54 N197 I55 Q91 R30 C
LifelinePrimalGreybriar152 W600 S23 A114 N351 I26 Q86 R0 C
SmokeybearThe ConvictedBloodiron149 W1461 S8 A556 N670 I218 Q9 R0 C
GaeandilthCovenantWolfsbane149 W736 S4 A147 N385 I88 Q110 R2 C
VarmAddiction GuildGreybriar148 W1166 S55 A442 N405 I263 Q0 R1 C
RhazesMaximationReclaimer147 W469 S2 A146 N242 I79 Q0 R0 C
HewiNefariousLaethys145 W1156 S24 A3 N1032 I1 Q1 R95 C
VyktorScienceGreybriar140 W280 S8 A20 N230 I6 Q16 R0 C
KythikFires of HeavenReclaimer139 W938 S7 A227 N535 I151 Q1 R17 C
TobashiThelyn EnnorBrutwacht136 W791 S2 A235 N440 I108 Q6 R0 C
YimeBlackOutBrutwacht136 W689 S14 A57 N582 I32 Q0 R4 C