warlockThe Mages are able to control the elements directly without having to summon gods and spirits. The lore states that they learnt this by watching planewalkers invoke elemental powers. They where able to learn the basics of arcane magic this way. They have since then improved their skill and become very powerful units that can fight on any plane. Most Mages learn the basics of magic before they focus on one primal force to focus on.

Mages are trained in arcane schools such as Quicksilver College and the new academy of Meridian. Mages gather in these and other schools to share knowledge and research new powers.

The Mage is a class that is best used by an experienced player looking for a strong specialized units. The mage might seem weak when you play them early in the game but they develop into a very strong unit once you leveled it up to level 65.

Below you can read more about the different types of mages that are available when the game starts.


The archon mage uses the force of the enemy against them. They convert the enemies raw energy into magical power. The mage collect this energy and release it as powerful attacks such as kinetic blasts. The attacks are strong enough to be able top turn the tide of a battle. The mage can also use the enemies energy to bolster their allies.

These mages are vulnerable while they are feeding on the energy of others.


The Chloromancer is a healing specialist who draws on the vital energies of plants and nature to find a balance between life and death. They harness these energies into a devastating force, or recycle destructive magic to heal their allies.


All damage dealt by the Chloromancer can be converted into healing for their allies. They can also cleanse harmful effects and resurrect allies both in and out of combat.


Arcane magic does not lend itself to healing, and the Chloromancer sacrifices damage and utility in order to control the flow of Life energy. Unable to deal devastating blows or apply crowd control, they are easily overwhelmed by a determined foe.


The dominator is a strong mage that are good allies but very weak when acting by themselves. They need the protection from others due to their bad defensive capabilities. The dominator uses magic to confuse their enemies sending them into disarray. They can also cause enemy fighter and mages to lose focus and loose the ability to target their attacks and healing spells.

The dominator is strong against other mages and is especially strong against healers that are unable to perform their task in the presence of dominators.

The dominator can help a group of fighter to quickly dispatch groups of enemy fighters and mages. The dominators spells and force fields makes the enemy fighters easy prey for the offensive units in the group.


mage2Elementalist are among the strongest and most specialized mages. They use the pure energies of the planes to power their spells. These energies are some of the most chaotic forces in the rift universe and it takes a dedicated mage to be able to control them.

Elementalist have a very frail emaciated frame . Their power are powers of the mind. They do not wear armor. Their weapons of choice are enchanted wood or steel wands.

The trained mined of the elementalist is able to give physical form to the elements. These elemental beings are then used as allies to the mage. Different elements have different powers which makes the elementalista very diverse and able mage.

The elementalist themselves are very weak units and can be easily defeated if you get past their elemental minions.


The necromancer is a offensive unit that use the powers of death to provide extra power to their pets. Their undead servants are stronger than those of most other mages and can survive stronger attacks than most other pets. They are versatile units that can adapt to any combat situation by calling up different minions from the realm of the dead.

The necromancer can heal their allies by sacrificing their own health.

The necromancer is weak if encountered without their minions.


Pyromancers are extremely strong mages. High level pyromancers walk around the battlefields like gods. This is especially true in the rift 3.0. The pyromancer use the power of fire to annihilate their opponents. Their is no other unit that can match their destructive power. They can use firewalls to contain their enemies and fire blasts to destroy them. The best way to defeat a pyromancer is to get in close to him with a strong melee unit. They are very hard to defeat in distance battle.


The stormcaller is a mage that derive their power from the the wind and water. They weave water and wind based magic together into strong offensive spells based around wind, ice and electricity. Their spells are not very strong but complement each other. The combined effect becomes greater as more spells are added. This mage becomes harder to defeat the longer the battle rages on. They require more time than other mages to reach full strength. The key to defeating them is to attack them before they have been able to reach full strength. They are also weak to opponents that can interrupt their spells. One example of such a opponent is the dominator.


The warlock is a mage that focus their studies towards the dark arts. They derive their power from entropy and death. They cloak themselves in the shadows off the battlefield. The are distance units that can attack all enemies in an area with blight and pestilence. They can also attack a single enemy with devastating effect.

The warlock are slow units that can fall victim to quick short range attacks.