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No trials. No tricks. No traps. We've made all of Telara free while adding exciting new Loyalty rewards and benefits for the most dedicated Ascended. Learn more on our Free to Play page where we cover new free-player and Patron options plus the RIFT Store, Gifting, and REX.

Home to lush jungles and windswept dunes, Dendrome is the heart of Update 2.3. Explore its vast reaches and battle the Architects and Awakened where new threats rise and burrow. Along the way you?- l find unrivaled artifacts, events, and challenges, meet and drink with old friends in the riotous town of Hailol, and seek the egg of an unhatched dragon god ... one whose fate is yours to decide!

Energy from the shattered Blood Storm has given rise to terrifying creatures across Dendrome. The greatest of these menaces ?Kaaz'Ra, Senbora the Devourer, and Ahkane the Eternal ?stalk the open world, battling Ascended in dynamically-scaling raid encounters. Defeat each boss in new weekly quests that offer a chance at raid gear plus guaranteed tokens, infinity stones, and more.

Ahkane the Eternal must die in the Venific Locus, Kaaz'Ra must die in Hive Kaaz'Gfuu and Senbora the Devourer must die in Greenscale's Crater, or players will not receive credit for their deaths!

Mistress Inyra and her Awakened cult are harvesting the Architects?ancient knowledge in a misguided bid for Ascension. Brave a merciless new Chronicle to stop their schemes before the Architects turn the tables on the Awakened and summon a far greater danger to Telara.

What would have happened to Kingsward had Salvarola prevailed? Find out as you lead the charge into a timeline where the Awakened have formed a demonic pact in return for the secret to Ascension. Battle past the infernal strength of a fallen Prince Kaliban and Salvarola himself before facing Ultane, demon lord patron of the Awakened.

The war against planar invasions takes to the skies in new player-summoned Strongholds, multi-tiered fortifications manned by a variety of friendly forces. Fight off new threats to Telara while flying between jump pads and platforms. Just remember to bring friends, as the most daunting invasions will lay siege to Strongholds tuned for 10-70+ players!

* There are a large number of new Services available for purchase in the RIFT Store!
- 3/15/30 Day Patron Pass: Get all the benefits of being a Patron (Subscriber) from the convenience of using the in-game store. Learn more about the benefits of being a Patron in RIFT!
- Rune Unsocketing Apparatus: Runes can now be unsocketed from your equipment! Right-clicking this new item from your inventory makes the magic happen.
- Planar Essence Removal Device: Like Runes, you can also safely unsocket Planar Essences from your focus.
- Transfiguration Bauble: Customize your weapon with the appearance of any other as long as it's the same weapon-type! Be sure to read the instructions carefully when using.
- Brevanic Portal Generator: Allows remote access to a Porticulum for one character. can be bought for your account via the Collectors Upgrade available in the Services category.
- Brevanic Portal Battery: this item Allows you to reset the cooldown on your Brevanic Portal Generator.
- Trade Skill Extension: Use this item to unlock an additional trade skill slot, up to a maximum of 9.
- Character Slot Extension: Allows you to make an additional character per shard on all shards, up to a maximum of 12.
- Faction Change Scroll: What it says on the tin!Does not Change your race.
- Mass Soul Mend: Restore Soul Vitality to all raid members with this one consumable.
* There are other services available for purchase throughout the rest of the game as well!
- Role Slots: There are now a maximum of 20, and can be purchased with Credits from your Class Trainer.
- Wardrobe Slots: There are now a maximum of 19, and they can be purchased with Credits or Coin from your Character window.
- Race/Gender Change: Explore the new you for a handful of Credits at the Barbershop.
- Bank Vaults: Additional Vaults can now be purchased at the Banker.
- Bag Slots: The bag slot bar now supports up to a maximum of 7 bags. Additional bag bar slots are available for purchase by right-clicking on them.

* Loyalty Points are gained by consuming REX, buying and spending Credits, and special promotions. There are 5 tiers of Loyalty Rewards to unlock, with a few extra rewards in-between tiers. Claim your Loyalty Rewards on the Home page of the Rift Store!
* Players who were previously or are currently subscribed to RIFT will get a one-time allotment of 7,000 Loyalty Points multiplied by the number of months they have paid for.
* The old Veteran Rewards have been rolled into the Loyalty system.
* The old Guardian and Defiant specific achievements for Veterans Rewards have been replaced by Loyalty versions.
* Jarvis and Cadbury are now summoned by a new ability, Summon: Veteran Vendor. When used, Jarvis will spawn for Defiants, and Cadbury will spawn for Guardians. This new ability is acquired at 7,000 Loyalty, which is equivalent to one month's subscription.
* Patron abilities start with 1 Charge. Charges are gained at a rate of 1 per day, with a maximum of 7. Note: if you let your Patron status lapse, all accumulated charges will be lost.

Guards in Meridian, Sanctum, and Tempest Bay can now help lost visitors find their way. Simply speak to one and select a point of interest to put a waypoint on your main map.

* Fire up your Omen/Quantum Sight: Twisted artifacts are now available in all Storm Legion zones with a new title for collecting the full rare set in each one!

* Play as Guest: New users wanting to try out RIFT can download the patcher and start playing with very little hassle up to 1 experience away from level 10. Chat restrictions do apply to keep spam and abuse at bay.

* Daily Quest turn-in limit is now 30, increased from 25.
* Storm Legion zones, except for Tempest Bay now require a minimum level of 45 to enter.
* Ember Isle now requires a minimum level of 45 to enter, down from 48.
* Factional Quartermasters for the crafting dailies have been moved to Tempest Bay.
* New characters on non-Owner accounts will now only have 3 open bag slots on their bag bar. Additional bag bar slots are available for purchase by right-clicking on them.
* Most Carnage quests now require fewer kills by 20-25%. If your current progress exceeds the new totals the quest will be autocompleted for you.
* Mounts, companion pets, and recipes can now be previewed.
* Guild Perk: Cache Finder is now percentage based!
* Level ranges for each zone are now visible on the main map so that you can easily decide which zone is best for you.
* Porticulum masters in all zones except Meridian & Sanctum can now be used by both factions. The guards in the towns might still hate you though, watch out!
* The World Event Merchant will no longer be caught day dreaming when initially clicked on.
* Longer broadcast messages from the server are no longer cut off.
* Companion pets can no longer be attacked by other players during a duel.
* Auto-Follow no longer cancels when alt+tabbing out while in full screen mode.
* Players who have an Adventurer's Backpack in their bank and upgrade to the Collector's Edition will now automatically upgrade into the Collector's Satchel. At the First Bank of Telara, it's all about what we can do for you.
* All mobs from levels 1 to 15 no longer have Resist and can no longer Parry or Dodge.
* Players who have reached a platinum cap are restricted from selling items back to merchants
* Players from PvP shards wishing to join cross-faction groups on PvE shards can now do so without being kicked out of the group upon their arrival.
* Players visiting PvE shards from PvP shards can now properly send party invitations, and are no longer missing any portrait menu options.
* Made improvements to the chat system's spam filter. Sometimes silence is golden!
* Experience potions now also benefit experience gains from quests.
* Changed text of the Close Ticket button in our customer service window and added a confirmation message box when clicking on it.
* Improved performance for players experiencing lag when they have many friends and one goes online or offline.
* Fixed a crash that occurred when players had a very large number of active quests.
* Fixed a crash that occurred when players were loading.

* There is now a cap on how many of a certain currency can be earned in a week: Frozen Eclipse Stone: 4,600, Warlord's Mark: 8,700.
* All Storm Legion Currencies: Item costs and currency gains have both been increased.
* As a result, all players have had their currency totals multiplied by a set amount.
* The following currencies have been multiplied by 100:
- Plaques of Achievement
- Mark of Ascension
- Greater Mark of Ascension
- Freelancer's Marks
- Warlord's Marks
- Empyreal Sourcestone
* The following currencies have been multiplied by 60:
- Infernal Mark of Ascension
* The following currencies have been multiplied by 50:
- Frozen Eclipse Stone
- Inscribed Sourcestone
- Empyreal Slayer's Mark
* The following currencies have been multiplied by 30:
- Infinity Stones
* Random Expert Dungeons now give both Frozen Eclipse Stone and Empyreal Slayer?-(C) Marks.
* Reduced Planarite costs for Hunt Rifts and Greater Hunt Rifts.
* The Planarite cap has been increased to 200,000.
* Increased the number of Infinity Stones given for all Daily Torvan quests.
* Added Infinity Stones as an option to the "Hunting Heralds" daily quest.
* Increased the cap for Freelancer's Marks and Warlord's Marks to 10,000.
* Increased the number of Freelancer's Marks awarded in the Ascended Storm Legion Treasure to 300.
* Increased the number of Freelancer's Marks and Warlord's Marks granted from daily and weekly quests.

* Removed confusing reference to Class Trainers in the tooltip for low level pets.
* Toggled abilities are now properly marked in the UI as deactivated when their effects end.


* Fixed an issue where the caster's link to their Beacon would stop functioning if they got more than 35 meters away from their beacon.
* Fixed an issue where resummoning a Beacon of Despair could cause the existing Beacon to despawn without spawning a new Beacon.

* Ageless Ice: Updated the ability description to clarify that the snare effect applies to the caster.


* Updated the ability description of all Archon Auras to include the radius of the aura.

* Void Wall: The DoT now falls off when the target dies.

* Pets can no longer have both Elemental Armor and Stone Armor at the same time.

* Deathly Calling: Fixed an issue with stacks applied by Putrify. Previously these stacks did not include the damage buff granted by the Deathly Collusion talent until the pet applied another stack of Deathly Calling.

* Extinguish: Now works when casting on target's target.

* Warlock Armor: The heal portion of this buff no longer triggers when the caster damages themselves.


* Serrated Blades: The chance to trigger Serrated Blades has been increased to 50%, up from 40%.
* Malicious Poison: Proc chance has been increased to 30%, up from 20%. Damage has been slightly reduced.

* Blade Hustle: The buff no longer persists if you switch out of the Bladedancer soul.
* Combat Culmination: Your Finishers now cause Physical attacks to ignore 2-6% of your target's armor per Combo Point, up from 1-3%.

* Decoy: Cooldown is now 60 seconds, down from 120 seconds.
* Decoy: Ranger abilities that affect pets, like Rejuvenate and Divert Rage, will no longer be activated when Decoy is summoned.
* Rending Munitions: Updated the tooltip to indicate that ranged weapon attacks also ignore 25% of the target's Resist.
* Master Archer: Now increases the damage of Marksman attacks by 4-12%, up from 3-9%.

* Ignited Weapons: The damage effect is no longer overwritten by other players.
* Dark Descent: Now causes the next 3 Finishers to not consume Combo Points, up from 2.
* Flame Blitz: Now tagged correctly as an AE attack. As such, its damage will be changed by any AE damage modifiers.

* Animalism, Feral Aggression: Cooldown is now 30 seconds, down from 45 seconds.
* Shadow Fire: Damage bonus from Shadow Fire has been increased from 3% to 5%.

* Rapid Setup: Is no longer affected by the Global Cooldown.
* Spike Bomb: Now deals damage per second to enemies in the target area. Requires an enemy target and the effect persists at the initial position of the targeted enemy.
* Spike Bomb: Now also applies Thistle Spike to affected enemies, increasing damage taken from the Rogue by 1% per stack. Thistle Spike stacks up to 15 times.
* Cloud Maker: Damage has been increased.

* Dark Thane Preset: Updated the preset description to indicate that Plague Bringer causes the Reaver's DOT abilities to affect 7 other enemies and not 9 other enemies.

* Flesh Rip: The bleed effect now ignores the target's armor and its damage no longer varies.
* Twin Cuts: The bleed effect now ignores the target's armor. Cooldown reduced from 20s to 15s.
* Cutting Slash: The bleed effect now ignores the target's armor.
* Cunning Ruse: Now lasts 20s, up from 15s.
* Enrage: Updated the tooltip to indicate that its damage is a bleed effect.
* Primal Lucidity: Damage has been increased.
* Fury Unleashed: Its bonus effect now be multiplies up to a max of 5 times instead of 6 times.

* Reverent Protection: Now applies absorption to group members with the lowest HP by percentage. The amount absorbed has been increased.
* Pacification: Now causes Pacifying Strike to reduce damage taken by 1-3%.
* Protector's Fury: Now also causes Righteous Fury to reduce damage taken by 1% per stack.
* Light's Benediction: Now deals Life damage and reduces damage taken by 7%.
* Unyielding Defense: Now also reduces damage taken from spells by 3-9%.

* Double Jeopardy: No longer has an internal cooldown between triggers.
* Swift Finesse: Now increases the damage of Flurry and Reaping Harvest by 15-30%.
* Strike Like Iron: Now increases all damage by 25%, lasts 1 hour, and is no longer a finisher.
* Flurry: Now deals the right amount of damage over 6s.

* Crest of Consumption: No longer increases healing done by Soul Feast by 20%. Now, it increases healing received by 20%.
* Binding of Shadow: Now also reduces damage taken from spells by 3%.
* Power From the Masses: Now reduces damage taken by 1-5%.
* Ethereal Bond: Now also reduces damage taken from spells by 1-3%.
* Crest of the Shadow: Amount absorbed has been increased.
* Walks with Death: Now also reduces damage taken from spells by 2-6%.

* Planar Blade: Increases the damage of Riftblade attacks by 5%. Fixed a typo on the tooltip to no longer reference Rift Summon.
* Rift Implosion: Updated the ability tooltip to clearly indicate what the "Implosion Surge" effect does.
* Flamespear: Updated the tooltip to not include its max damage.
* Scald: Enemies damaged by Icy Burst while under the effects of Fiery Burst now take 10/20/30% of Attack Power as Air Damage, down from 10/30/60% of Attack Power.
* Icy Burst: Damage has been reduced.
* Fiery Burst: Damage has been reduced.

* Enhanced Conductivity: The debuff from Enhanced Conductivity now increases damage taken from the Warrior by 2%.

* Accord of Shifting: Now also reduces damage taken from spell by 0.5% per Pact.
* Unstable Void: No longer reduces damage taken from spells by 15%. Instead, it reduces damage taken by 5%.
* Rift Distortion: Now also reduces damage taken from spells by 4%.
* Surging Touch: Now also reduces damage taken from spells by 1-2%.
* Protective Shield: Absorption from Protective Shield has been increased.
* Power Shield: Fixed a tooltip error.
* Surging Touch: Now also reduces damage taken from spells by 2-4%.

* Relocated some floating and inaccessible artifacts.
* New players in the starting zone with access to summonable Mailboxes or Personal Bankers can now use those abilities without restriction.
* Players in the Terminus or Old Mathosia tutorial zones will have any outstanding quests autocompleted after leaving them.
* Players can now reset their talent trees and buy new roles by speaking to class trainers in Mathosia and Terminus.

* Volan Fight: Adventurers who don't play with music on will now have a better audio experience than they had before. Additional sound effects have been added.
* Tomb of the Consort: Six of the Tomb Guardians now properly path inside of the tomb.

* Updated images of Porticulum locations.

* Anchor Defenders will no longer chase players over great distances.
* Quest: The Means of the Endless: Anchors now reset aggro at a greater distance.

* Players can now use mounts in the Scriptorium.

* Guardians can now find a Grandmaster Butcher trainer at Ferric Harbor alongside the other profession trainers.

* Quest: Escape Artists: Players can no longer get caught in the cages.
* Quest: Eye Spy: Fixed an issue where players who teleported while channeling on the Spy Droids would not be able to complete the quest without first logging out.
* Quest: Great Works: Fixed an issue that could cause line of sight issues when attacking the Eye of the Worm statue.
* Quest: Shuttering Production: Fixed a typo in the quest summary.
* Carnage: Bone Minions: Refuse Feeders spawned by the quest Bone Minions now count towards the quest's completion.
* Shapers End: Fixed an issue allowing NPCs to get caught in the terrain.

* The Mushroom Soup achievement messaging should now be more consistent.
* Rabbits in some caves around Keenblade Mill act a little less like... rabbits...

* Kira and Uriel will no longer chase Guardian players across the entire zone.
* The quest reward "Adriana's Tumbling Deflector" is now "Adriana's Enduring Clasp" and will occasionally proc a Heal Over Time effect on hit instead of reducing fall damage.

* IA: Reduced Norelth's damage across most of his abilities.
* Zone Event: Secrets of the Deep: Should now be more forgiving about passing out rewards.
* Valley of Bones: Added a short quest line to this area.

* Quest: Lord of the Fae: Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause Makirn to not respawn properly.
* Added a Carnage quest to Silverpaw at Point Solitude.
* Vespid Hives no longer instantly heal when attacked by players more than 30m away.
* Quest: Digging Up Weeds: The quest giving object no longer sparkles deceptively for players that have completed or are currently completing this quest.
* Erford Deeprock in Quicksilver College is now much less likely to abandon his post and go missing.
* Removed a Mirror Conspirator out of a rock at Mirror of Ages.
* Dolan Ashwalker at Argent Glade will no longer instantly respawn.

* Zone Event: Infernal Awakening: Now displays friendly beacons on the map again.

* Zone Event: Champions of the Firestorm: There is now a 25 second charging period when players acquire Planar Rifles.
* Zone Event: Fortress Defense: General Blythe will no longer become unattackable.

* The "Night Terrors" will now always contribute to the achievement Stillmoor Defender.

* The Expert Dungeon Daily now gives 783,000 Alternate Advancement XP.
* Endless Eclipse: Audio updates to Regulos & Zareph's encounter, including ability and ambiance.
* Frozen Tempest: Gelidra can no longer be slain while Amrian is alive.
* Tower of the Shattered: Expert: Fixed an issue that prevented General Thunderscar's lightning beams from appearing after he cast Fury of the Thunder.

* Library of the Runemaster: Defiants should no longer be facing the wall when taking the teleport down.
* Conquest: Increased the distance at which Extractors may be engaged in melee combat.

* You can now preview the item that will be crafted from recipes!
* All dungeon-dropped recipes can now be sold to a vendor.
* All high-skill level runes now highlight the equipment that they can enchant.
* Armorsmith: Comfortable, Thick, Heavy, Medium and Thin Padding now reduces the time to mount by 10, 8, 6, 4, and 2% respectively.
* Fishing: The Twisted Lure now fishes up twisted artifacts in Brevane and Dusken. Like the Rare Fish Lure, it will not work in Tempest Bay, which has neither rare fish nor twisted artifacts to be lured.
* Most profession-related quests will now appear under the Profession header in your Quest Log.
* Lustrous runes can now be applied to items that are equip-level 60.

* You can now have more than one active dimension per character. Everyone now starts with two, and you can purchase additional dimension slots.
* New dimensions are available: Hailol, Temple of the Abandoned, Edge of Infinity, and Endless Eclipse!
* Dimensions can now be upgraded with credits.
* All dimensions now have a new tier of limits which doubles its previous maximum capacity. The cost for this new tier varies by dimension.
* If you've ever wanted to live in a bogling hut or Shimmersand dome, now you can! Dimension objects with interiors can now be found at the new building vendor in Tempest Bay, or look in the Rift Store under Dimensions > Buildings.
* There are now pre-made walls, stairs, doors, floors, roofs, and windows that you can use to build your dream mansion. You can find them under Dimensions > Building Blocks in the Rift Store, or at the vendor in Tempest Bay.
* Added hundreds of new dimension items including fences, garden walls, magitech items, mushrooms that create clearings, Hailol floral trees, household items, and decorations. Browse the store to your heart's content!
* New achievements can be earned by owning dimensions and by placing a certain number of dimension items in your, your guild's, and your friends' dimensions.
* Lock boxes: Dimension item lock boxes grant six or more dimension items including at least two items of uncommon rarity or better.
* Dimension sky projectors now cover the entire dimension.

* All notoriety rewards in Storm Legion have been made Bind on Account!
* Many trinkets now have upgrade paths.
* The stats on Pus-Proof Greaves have been corrected.
* Artifact Set: Telaran Wedding Mementos ?Now properly categorized as Collectibles in the Auction
* Members of the same party that are from different factions can now share feasts.
* The original pre-order runes can now be applied to offhand and costume held items.
* The collectible books from the starting area can now also be found in various locations in Sanctum.
* Level 60 Epic Greater Essences are now more useful to a greater variety of souls.
* Valmeras and Eldritch Steeds no longer have a faction requirement.
* 2-Handed weapons in Storm Legion have been upgraded to inherit additional stats.

* Added death sounds to a faerie model that previously had none.
* The sound of snares have been improved in Morban's Pus Swamp.
* Added sounds when opening a lootable chest or bag.

* Fixed an issue that prevented the intro movies from playing properly.
* The exit button is now disabled in Dimensions for those who are in combat.
* Dwarves should be able to preview mounts with better results now.
* Overhead text will no longer become invisible when Supersampling is enabled and Fullscreen FX is disabled.
* Fixed a bug that caused item names to not display correctly in the Upgrade Item UI.
* Added target-centered decorator for AOE macros: /cast @gtae AOEABILITY , /use @gtae ITEMNAME.
* Increased the maximum number of Macro Slots a character can have to 100.

RIFT 2.3 Hot Fix #1


UPDATED for Clarity:
* All players with registered email addresses can now purchase items from the Auction House. Guest accounts are still restricted from purchasing items.
* Until players claim their Account Functionality Extension scroll, which is granted at 1500 Loyalty, they will not be able to post items on the Auction House. Claiming the Account Functionality Extension also results in a raised coin cap.

* All player accounts with registered email addresses no longer have their chat restricted. Guest players still have some restrictions to help combat farmers and spammers.
* The Barbershop has been re-enabled, bringing with them the ability to change your Race and/or Faction.

RIFT 2.3 Hot Fix #2

* Friend-to-All should now work properly. Now even friendlier!
* Warfront Equipment Cache should no longer be empty for players under level 50.
* The extremely low caps on Planarite and Favor have been removed for any player with a registered email address. Guest players will need to register their account to remove these limits.

* Moltiest Motes Quest: The Green Faerie has been moved away from a stronghold that was preventing players from completing their quest.
* Some mobs were not properly sharing credit, this has been fixed.

* Salvarola: Fixed the damage of his Curse of Magma ability.
* Salvarola: Foul Blessing can now be interrupted.
* Salvarola: Blood Siphon heals will no longer be triggered by items or pets that use an Area of Effect ability.

RIFT 2.3 Hot Fix #3

* Queues: Fixed a display bug for players waiting in the queue. Previously, after 15 minutes of waiting, a player's position in queue could appear to get stuck. It will now more reliably read the correct position.
* Offhand items that have been Transfigured, and are equipped and steathed, should no longer have animation problems.
* The Random Storm Legion Expert now shows the correct rewards. This was purely a display issue.

* A number of costume pieces have been flagged as Bind on Account: Harbinger's, Reaper's, Savant's and Vanquisher's
* Fixed the names of the Majestic Half Cape and the Majestic Cape.
* The Mercenary's, Legionnaire's, Protector's, and Tactician's Longsword now cost the same as other 1 handed weapons in the same tier.

* Zone Event: Swarm of the Century: 'You cannot do that while Shell Shocked' will no longer mistakenly appear in Tempest Bay. It will now properly display for players attempting to use a cannon while, well. Shell Shocked!
* Zone Event: The Awakening: Will now more reliably give credit to players that have completed it.
* Zone Event: The Awakening: Infuse Spirit ability now restores 2% of the target's health per tick.

RIFT 2.3 Hot Fix #4

* 2 new Warfront modes have been added!

* Available to players between level 10 and level 60.
* Fight for the control of The Black Garden by dominating the 2 control points.

* Available to players between level 50 and level 60.
* Take Karthan Ridge by storm with this 5 control point variant.
* Capture Points on your side of the map give 3 points.
* Capture Points on the enemy?s side of the map give 5 ? high risk, high reward!

* Character Transfers: We now use the correct maximum number of characters per shard, including any extra character slots you may have purchased.
* PVP: The wine in Hailol?s fountains has been replaced on PVP shards with the blood of your enemies. The hubs have had the grace of the gods and our coding lifted from them: they are no longer safe zones.
* Your hidden dimension slots are back!

* Adjusted damage on a number of Hunt Rift, Stronghold, and Dendrome Zone Event bosses, including Commander Jorina, Orgathor, Ikaras, and Tuveran.
* Great Hunt rifts from ranks IV and V will now have more interesting invasions.
* Fixed an issue that caused player corpse markers to be misplaced after a stronghold.
* The invasion commander Architect Diviner now snares instead of stuns.

RIFT 2.3 Hot Fix #5

* Fixed a bug with stacks of NPC loot not always being awarded (most often seen with high level cloth).
* Fixed an issue with world bosses not always awarding kill credit when attacked by huge numbers of players at once.

* You will no longer have to open up the Rift store and manually claim the Account Functionality Extension; the moment your account acquires enough loyalty to unlock the extension it will be applied to your account!
* Rift Exchange is now "REX: Rift Exchange" to makes searches on the Auction House easier.


* The Blackthorn Trolls in Shok Forest will no longer float above players when pulled.
* The Jungle Wildlings in Savage Wilds will no longer float above players when pulled.
* Missing Acolytes: The Stone of Cunaan will now be triggered after the player has looted it instead of when it's first used.
* The Council of Batua: Hugo will now part with his namesake spear no matter what order the quest objectives were completed in.
* Zone Event: Swarm of the Century: Sylver and the Ether Cannon now have significantly more health that scales with player population.
* Zone Event: Swarm of the Century: the ability name for exiting the cannon now matches the effect reported for blocking immediate re-entry.
* Zone Event: The Awakening: Optimized so that it should now cause less latency when large numbers of players are actively attempting to complete it.
* Kaaz'Ra's spawn puzzle will now properly reset after 1 hour.
* Kaaz'Icht, Kaaz'Krrch and Kaaz'Eckt will now respawn every 15 minutes instead of every 1 hour.

* Fixed Seratos Uncommon Artifact spawns

* Black Garden Domination now has a point cap of 500

* Architect Carapace and Architect Grub are now Common quality items and stack to 20.


* Reawakened Defilers are now properly interruptible.
* Kyzan will always cast Necrotic Torrent no matter which way he is facing.
* Salvarola's abilities in Phase 2 will now work regardless of his ability to see the target.
* Salvarola: Fix to prevent Salvarola from moving in Phase 1.
* Fixed Salvarola's adds in Phase 2 so that most AOEs will trigger the boss to heal.

* Regulos: Sicaron will no longer freak out when player-controlled pets are near him.

* Telephalon: Reset range is slightly shorter ? can no longer be pulled around the corner of the bridge.

* Slightly reduced the damage of the population at the entrance of the zone.

* General Grim: Players challenged by Grim can no longer use teleportation abilities.

* Necrotic Throne: Blood Torrent fires at more locations.

* General Typheria: Due to changes to this boss' enrage state the kill count for the achievement "Typheria's Angels" has been lowered to 10 from 15 in order to make it possible to achieve again.

RIFT 2.3 Hot Fix #6

* Purposes with Storm Legion souls can now be properly selected by players who own them! You may need to create a new character to see them.
* During character select, those that own Storm Legion souls can now select Purposes with those souls.
* The faction requirement on applying runes has been removed! In its place is a new system: runes that are Bound to Account can now only be applied to items that are Soulbound or Bound to Account.

* Fixed an issue that sometimes caused bag slot purchases to fail with an error saying that you didn?t have enough credits, when you actually did.

* The Foundry Order quests no longer remove Bolts of Empyrean Silk upon completion.


* UV-315: Fixed situation where UV-315 would become stuck casting End Time.
* Manslaughter: Fixed a situation where Goo Shot & Rotary Cannon would not function if there were no targets in range.

* Fixed an issue that could cause Inyr'Kta to reset partway through her fight.
* Awakened Golems will now respawn after the instance resets from inactivity.


* Into the Ark: Now grants credit to all players in the immediate area, even if they're not grouped.
* Point Taken: Added a missing quest marker at Warden's Point.
* Reduced the number of quests needed for the Achievement "The Long March" from 95 to 88.

* Ragairn no longer drinks himself under the floor in Hailol, and should now be available for your daily questing.
* The Green Faerie?s location has been corrected on the map. The previous cartographer was told to go

RIFT 2.3 Hot Fix #7

* Soul Presets are correctly working again if you have the Storm Legion souls. For real this time!
* Becoming a RIFT owner now appropriately adds 2 additional bag slots to all characters, instead of just to new ones. Characters that were stuck at 3 bag slots even after becoming a RIFT owner have had their slots upgraded from 3 to 5.
* Crafters rejoice-- Empyrean Assault crafting dailies now give appropriate notoriety!
* You can now delete mail after taking the last attachment without having to close and reopen the mail.
* Lure of the Eye and Lure of the Unseen now share a cooldown, and will only open the appropriate rift for your faction.
* Performance has been improved for characters standing near lots of merchants. In capitol cities, for instance!
* Fixed an issue that caused the tutorial zone quests to randomly auto-complete.
* Hunt Legend Mender's Rough Greater Rotward now works with absorption spells.
* PVP shards just got a little more dangerous: the safe zones have been removed from Pelladane and Cape Jule. There's nowhere to run, and there's nowhere to hide...LET THE PURGE COMMENCE!*

* All mounts that lack faction requirements on the store can now be gifted to your friends!
* Level 50 Armor, Essences and Weapons found in Deeps' Lock Boxes and Supply Crates have been increased in power.
* Bundles of Deeps' Supply Crates are now available in Chests & Keys!
* Fixed an issue causing previewed items or bundles to show incorrect color tints.
* Some locked items in the Rift Store were not displaying their locked icon status though you were unable to purchase them; fixed so you can again see that they are locked.
* Storm Legion lures are now available under the Rifts category.
* Updated the description on Raid and Elite Portrait Loyalty rewards.
* Orb of Loyalty, Fragment of Loyalty and Shard of Loyalty now display how much Loyalty they will grant when consumed.
* Flare: Hailol, Flare: Empyreal Alliance and the new Stronghold Summoner can now be purchased with Credits!

* You now earn rest experience from hanging out in dimensions. Welcome home!
* A few dimension items have had their prices adjusted, mostly for the cheaper.
* Some dimension items have been renamed to more accurately reflect what they are.
* Corrected the zone-in location for Empyrean Mill.
* The Brevane Jar dimension item is now resizeable.



* Lightning Charge: A new ability that imbues your weapon with electrical energy. Damaging attacks have a 5% chance to deal additional Air damage. Lasts 1h. This is a 0 point root ability. Does not stack with Harbinger weapon buffs.


* Subterfuge: The extra combo point from Nightblade "from stealth" attacks is now granted more reliably.

* Decoy: The Ranger's Dismiss Pet is no longer activated when Decoy is summoned.

* Balance of Power: Now properly affected by damage modifications. It now causes attacks that follow a block to deal an additional 20-60% of your Endurance as Life damage, down from 30-100% of Endurance.
* Way of the Mountain: Fixed a bug that caused the buff that made the Warrior to take 5% more damage instead of 5% less damage.
* Deadly Parity: Now properly affected by damage modifications. The additional damage dealt has been adjusted to 1 Physical damage every 12/8/4 Attack Power, from 1 Physical damage every 5/3/1.5 Attack Power.

* Storm Blade: Now properly affected by damage modifications. Damage has been reduced.
* Burning Blood: Now properly affected by damage modifications. Now deals 6% of Attack Power as Fire damage when struck in Melee combat, down from 20%.
* Scald: Now properly affected by damage modifications. Now deals 4-12% of Attack Power as Air damage based on Attack Points used, down from 10-30% of Attack Power.
* Elemental Touch: Now properly affected by damage modifications. Now deals an additional 3% of your Attack Power as Air damage, down from 15% of Attack Power.

* Strike to Maim: Now properly affected by damage modifications. Now causes melee critical hits to deal damage based on 10-50% of your strength or your pet's strength over 8s, down from 20-100%.

* Take No Prisoners: Now works on all damage finishers, including bleeds.

* Destructive Forces: Now properly affected by damage modifications. Reckless Strike and Ragestorm now deal weapon plus 0.6-3% of Attack Power as additional Air damage for each active pact, down from 1-5% of Attack Power. Devouring Blow now deals 0.3-1.5% of your Attack Power for each Attack Power used per Pact as Air damage, down from 0.3-1.66%.

* Some zone events in Storm Legion will drop less Empyrean Sourcestone.
* Lure of the Eye and Lure of the Unseen now share a cooldown, and will only open the appropriate rift for your faction.
* The immunity buff applied to invasions when they spawn now displays as a Buff.

* The achievements "Hold the Line" and "Insecticide" from the Empyeral Assault in Ashora are now Legacy achievements. The remaining achievements have been moved to the Ashora zone category.

* Saving that Which is Sacred: Removed the cooldown from the objectives.
* Wild Growth: Quest updates are now shared with all members of a party.

* Iron Pine Peak zone events are back to being level 44, down from 50.

* IA: Gnar Gems: Will once again spawn high gem amounts when there are more players present during the adventure.

* Quest: Momentous Motes: The map indicators are now more accurate.
* Quest: The Council of Batua: The map indicator for borrowing the Boar Spear is now more accurate.
* Torvan Hunter Decree notoriety items are now awarded upon the completion of Hunt zone events.
* Increased the Torvan Hunter notoriety awarded for killing level 62 stronghold bosses from 900 to 1300.
* Conduits in Great Hunt rifts now broadcast warnings when their health is low.
* A new Stronghold Summoner item is now available from flare merchants in the Dendrome! This item can be used to summon your group/raid to your location when you are near a stronghold.
* Zone Event: Swarm of the Century: Has seen a few optimizations to reduce possible server latency.
* Onslaught: The Place of Dogs: This area is now more attractive to invaders! This should help anyone completing their daily kill quest.
* Daily quests in The Dendrome now properly pay out appropriate amounts of coin and experience. The Satyrs of Hailol are done messing with players...for now.
* World Raid Boss: All:
- Players should more reliably get credit for kills in very high population situations.
- Even during high strain situations, these NPCs should no longer disappear in an attempt to improve performance.
* World Raid Boss: Ahkane the Eternal:
- Eternal Wrath will now be cast less frequently.
- Eternal Sacrifice now causes more raid damage if left uninterrupted.
* World Raid Boss: Kaaz'Ra:
- The duration for the ability Catastrophic Sandstorm has been reduced from 120s to 90s.

* The rollover tooltip for the two unlockable bag slots now display the correct hotkey.
* By popular request, Crucia has had her loading screen replaced with a new glamor shot.
* Fixed a bug in the Rift Store that was causing filter text to not display correctly.
* The vehicle bar will now display correctly after a relog or /reloadui.

* Improved crafting reagent vendor store windows.
* Apothecary: New relic-quality Exceptionally White Dye and Exceptionally Black Dye recipes have been added to the Rift Store! The recipes can only be purchased with Master and Grandmaster Marks.
* Fishing: Junk, when fished from pools of wine in Hailol, is now more amusing than previously-fished junk.
* The Stellar and Prime Prismatic Wellsprings are now sellable to vendors.


* Thedeor?s Last Stand: Fixed an issue where the storm legion troopers would not aggro on players that are far away from the quest location.

* Ultane:
- Spirit Shackle checks twice as quickly to determine if the end of the tether is in range.
- Spirit Shackle is no longer only cast on the highest agro target during the second Hellspawn phase.

* Och and Krok: Riftstalkers can no longer get stuck in the collision around the pillars.

RIFT 2.3 Hot Fix #8 - 7/2

* Animations have been added to the inventory when a player picks up an item from a Dimension or claims a Loyalty Reward.
* The number of /saveequip and /loadequip slots have been increased from 9 to 20!
* Transfigured weapons should no longer sometimes play the unarmed attack animation instead of the weapon's attack animation.
* Twitter functionality has been restored!
* Looting Planarite from corpses is now less annoying.
* Guest registration has better support of extended characters.

* Fixed some cases where parts of your character might disappear when previewing certain items.
* If a player disconnects in the middle of a purchase, an in-game mail will be sent with the status of the purchase.
* When reporting feedback, there is now an option for the RIFT Store.
* The Custodian set now previews accurately.
* Purchasing dimension upgrades for your alts with credits should now work correctly.
* Fixed an issue causing the Neophyte bundles to give out incorrect gear.



* Shadow Stalk: Can no longer be used on pets.


* The bonus from the Harbinger synergy crystal is now removed if the Lightning Charge buff is removed.
* Lightning Charge: Can no longer be purged.

* Dawnkeeper Vale: Onslaught Quest Giver Darvik has been moved down the ramp a bit.

* IA: Kah'Tqq, Sk'Krii, and Zza'xx have had their difficulty significantly decreased.

* The creatures in Ember Isle have been weakened over time. Their difficulty and rewards are now the same as mobs from the old world.

* Quest: A Snake in Sanctum: Fixed an issue that would sometimes prevent Cealhaidh the Corrupter from being targetable in combat.

* Quest: Treasures of the Achyati: The items required for this quest will now drop from the proper mobs.

* Fixed an issue with some chronicle, dungeon, raid, and dimension instances spawning with unshakable lag.


* Ultane:
- Spirit Shackle no longer attaches to pets.
- Mark of the Damned no longer damages pets.
* Salvarola
- The achievement "Three's Company" has been replaced by "Fire on the Dance Floor".
- The adds in phase 2 should no longer get stuck.
- No longer punishes players who use their pets to tank him after they've left the encounter. Instead of killing the pet repeatedly, he now only kills the pet once. He considers it a warning shot.


* Quest: Kaaz Boom: Fixed a text error.
* Inyr?Kta: Fixed an issue that could cause fight to reset when two players are involved.
* Och and Krok: Fixed an issue that could bar players from reentering the chamber.

* Storm Legion PVP sets have been converted to upgradeable items.
* Mercenary gear can now be upgraded to Freelancer gear with Freelancer's Empowered Cell, Freelancer's Empowered Small Cell and Freelancer's Empowered Large Cell.
* Freelancer gear can now be upgraded to Warlord's gear with Warlord's Empowered Cell, Warlord's Empowered Small Cell and Warlord's Empowered Large Cell.
* Freelancer's gear can still be purchased outright with Credits, but is no longer available for in-game currency. (Use the upgrade components to upgrade Mercenary gear!)
* Warlord's gear is no longer available on the store or from vendors in Tempest Bay. (Use the upgrade components to upgrade to Freelancer gear!)
* Upgrade components can be found on the RIFT Store under PVP Upgrade Components.
* The upgrade components obtained from Freelancer's Conquest Marks have been renamed to "Freelancer's Conquest Cell" and "Freelancer's Conquest Small Cell".

* Snapper Hatchlings in Tulan are no longer skinnable.
* Auction House recipes will now start showing up under the correct tradeskill subcategories. This only applies to new auctions, so it may take some time to fully take effect.
* Artisan store vendor windows now let you sort recipes by skill level.

* The dialog for swapping dimensions now clarifies what's being replaced.

* Hunt Legend Mender's Rough Greater Rotward now works with Chloromancer Veil healing.
* Coruscating Powerstone now displays the correct amount of Spell Power in its description.
* Fate of the Wind now grants a chance for your single target healing spells to heal for an additional amount and heals from Lifegiving Veil or Lifebound Veil a chance to heal your Synthesis target for additional health.
* Rend the Heavens now grants a chance for your single target healing spells to heal for an additional amount and heals from Lifegiving Veil or Lifebound Veil a chance to heal your Synthesis target for additional health.
* Achyati Rune of Dexterity, Achyati Rune of Minor Dexterity, Empyreal Rune of Dexterity and Empyreal Rune of Minor Dexterity should now show up when filtering for Rogue runes.

RIFT 2.3 Hotfix #9 ? 07/10/13

* Conquest Power Decay now begins after 48 hours, instead of after 23 hours.
* Conquest Power Decay This is balanced such that you still lose fewer points over your first week of not gaining conquest power, but more once you haven't gained conquest power for over a week.
* The Storm Legion Fishing artifact sets now pay out a higher amount of experience.
* Automatic tweeting is back for achievements and discoveries!
* Tweeting from in-game is now more reliable.

* Buying a REX and getting disconnected immediately afterwards will now result in players logging on to find a REX in their mailbox. Gotta love same day delivery!
* You can now gift Storm Legion Souls to other players!
* Using a Faction Changing Scroll now resets any points spent in the Planar Attunement of War. Any players that have already switched factions will have these PA points refunded!
* Stats on the level 50 Ascended's gear has been increased.
* The "send gift" dialog now closes after your present has been mailed!
* Relic Apothecary recipes now sort correctly on the RIFT Store.

* Traveling the roads of Telara has been improved with the removal or relocation of agressive NPC's. However, Invasion NPC's will still wander the highways, so watch out!
* Quest: Daily Tempest Rising quests have had their payouts increased. They now grant a higher amount of Empyreal Sourcestone.

* Quest: A Snake in Sanctum: Players can now interact with Abbess Katia normally during the interrogation of Cealhaidh.

* Zone Event: The Craft of Conflict: Stomping on pies while stealthed will no longer remove you from stealth. Stomp away!

* Quest: Hunting Heralds: Now correctly grants 600 Empyreal Sourcestone.

* Questgivers in The Dendrome that lingered near wardstones have been moved closer to their nearby hubs as a safety precaution.
* Scout Batosi has moved off that one rock with questionable structural integrity.
* The puzzle in this zone now gives items of the correct level.


Mage: Chloromancer: Healing Torrent now has a stack size of 1 per caster. Previously it had no stack size set.


* Daily PvP Quests have been added to Warlord Mal Laborema and Lasumin Batik Porvi in Tempest Bay. Each day they will offer 4 quests for either Steppes of Infinity or Dendrome.

* Now has 3 control points ? each with its own name.
* Control points furthest from your side are worth 5 per tick, mid and your side are worth 3 per tick.
* The cap is still 500 points.

* Quest: Workorder: Repaired Platemail: Now turns in to Merecenary Margaret, instead of Merecenary Hicks.

* Gloamwood Wall Small Kit now contains the stairs it says it does!
* Reduced prices on curved connector dimension items.
* Some building blocks have had their draw distances increased, so that they are visible at longer distances.

* Freelancer and Warlord upgrades are now available from Mercenary Hicks and Margaret in Tempest Bay.
* All Fireworks now have a sellback price.
* Nefarious Shadesource now procs correctly from appropriate healing, such as Bard healing.
* Hunt Legend Mender's Greater Deepstone now sproc from absorbs and healing from the Chloromancer's Lifegiving Veil and Lifebound Veil.
* Nefarious Shadesource and Hunt Legend Mender's Greater Deepstone now proc correctly with area of effect absorbs.


* Several of the Awakened have learned to see through the guise of stealth.
* Salvarola:
- Has been centered on his platform.
- Empowered Warped Fanatics will no longer explode as they run out of Salvarola's room as he summons his demonic minions.

* The Achievements window will no longer show achievements for the other faction.

RIFT 2.3 Hot Fix #10 - 18/7/13

* You can now resurrect players while in a cross-shard group without sending them back to their home shard.
* The /shard command now always returns the name of the shard, even for Unknown shards. It also now prints the shard ID.
* Fixed first person camera jitter.
* Fixed a rare issue that caused a character to log in with negative Planar Attunement points.

* Bundles of Rally Scrolls and Rally Banners are now available under Services.


* Fireball, Void Bolt, Crystalline Missiles, Plague Bolt, Cloudburst, Vile Spores, Pillaging Stone, Granite Salvo, Neural Prod and Malevolent Bolt: now classified as Primary Bolt abilities.

* The 2 piece buff from Prion's Archon Crystal is now removed when changing roles.
* Rising Vengeance: Now increases all non-Archon damage by 2/4/6/8/10%.
* Archon's Bulwark: Now increases Endurance by 100 and no longer stacks with Searing Vitality.
* Patron's Rage: Increased damage.

* Natural Power: Now reduces the pushback suffered when damaged while casting Life abilities by 33/66/100%.
* Lifebound Veil: Slightly increased healing done to the Synthesis target.

* Updated Gift: Now icreases damage by 0.5% and AOE damage by 1%, instead of increasing damage by 1%.
* Mass Charged Shield: Ranks 7?13 now deal the correct damage.
* Lightning Wall: Now costs 60 Charge instead of draining Charge while active.
* Nyx's Orb: Increased the damage and movement speed of the projectile.
* Grasping Void, Gravity Void, Traitorous Influence and Mass Betrayal: Increased damage.
* Malevolent Bolt: Increased initial damage, and debuff duration increased to 5s.

* Updated Gift: Now increases damage by 0.5% and pet damage by 4% per point in soul, instead of increasing damage by 1% and pet damage by 3% per point in soul.
* Lightning Strike: Reduced damage.
* Elemental Link: Increases the Mage's damage done by 1/2/3/4/5% instead of reducing the damage taken. The rest of the talent remains unchanged.
* Cycle of Earth, Cycle of Fire, Cycle of Air, and Cycle of Water: Now provide a 7/15% increase to their respective damage types.
* Icy Gale: Reduced cooldown to 30s.

* Luminous Weapon: Now causes melee attacks to deal additional Life damage to up to 5 enemies. Lasts 1h.
* Blademark: Reduces the Mage's damage by 10%, down from 30%.
* Empyrean Ascension: Abilities granted now count as Slashing attacks, and have had their damage slightly reduced.
* Jagged Blades: Increases damage from Lightning Blade and Reaper's Blade by 20/40%, up from 15/30%.
* Lightning Blade, Reaper's Blade: Now receive benefits from effects that increase damage. Previously they only received bonuses from effects specifically referencing them.
* Lucent Slash: Now a 360 degree AE attack instead of a frontal cone.
* Tempest Winds: Increased damage, and while active it provides immunity to root, snare, and knockback.
* Storm's Fury, Vorpal Slash: Slightly increased damage.
* Rending Slash: Slightly increased damage, increased debuff duration to 15s.

* Updated Gift: Now increases damage by 1% and pet damage by 3% per point in soul instead of increasing damage by 0.5% and pet damage by 4% per point in soul.
* New Ability: Soul Bond: Intercepts 30% of damage taken by the ally. The Mage takes 30% of the intercepted damage. Increases the healing the Mage receives from Essence Link by 30%. Can only affect 1 ally.
* Every 2nd Scourge Bolt from the Shadow Revenant pet now applies a stack of Deathly Calling.
* Symbiote: Now causes Essence Link to increase the damage taken by the affected enemy, from both the mage and their pet, by 2/4%.
* Symbiote: The damage buff granted for Essence Link can now be seen on the enemy, and can be applied by each Necromancer attacking an enemy. However, the healing debuff will still only stack a single time per enemy.
* Corpse Explosion: Now stacks up to 3 times.
* Deathly Collusion: Now causes stacks of Deathly Calling to increase the mage's damage on the affected enemy, instead of only Death damage.
* Fresh Graves: Now increases Spell Power by 1/2/3/4/5%.
* Corpse Talon: Now receives a 15% damage bonus from each stack of the mage pet's Deathly Calling on the enemy, up from 10%.
* Grave Rot: Reduced cooldown to 6s.
* Corpse Talon: Reduced cast time to 2s.
* Improved Soul Purge: Now causes Soul Purge to heal the caster for 15/30/45% of the damage deal, up from 10/20/30%.

* Ignition: Now decreases the cast time of Fire spells by 4/8/12/16/20% and all other spells by 1/2/3/4/5%.
* Ignition: Now reduces the mana cost of non-instant Fire spells by 4/8/12/16/20%.
* Ignition: Now increases the range of non-melee damaging abilities by 1/2/3/4/5 meters. Increased range does not stack with the range increase from the Dominator's Mental Fortitude.
* Fireball: Slightly reduced damage.
* Improved Fireball: Renamed to Improved Bolt.
* Improved Bolt: Now affects all Primary Bolt abilities instead of only Fireball.
* Improved Bolt: Now increases the chance for Primary Bolt abilities to critically hit by 2/4/6%, down from 3/6/10%.
* Combust: Now increases the Fire Storm damage by 10% per stack.
* Withering Flames: Now deals damage instantly instead of delaying the first tick of damage for 1s.
* Internalize Charge: No longer automatically shuts off at random if the caster still has Charge remaining.
* Burning Fury: Now increases the chance to critically hit with abilities by 2/4/6%.
* Fulminate: Now costs 60 Charge.
* Flame Volley: Reduced damage of the final tick.

* Updated Gift: Now increases damage by 0.5% and AOE damage by 1%, instead of increasing damage by 1%.
* Ice Shear: Base damage bonus granted by its debuff has been reduced to 2%, down from 5%.
* Cloudburst: Increased damage.
* Lightning Arc: Increased damage.
* Cold Weather Training: Now also reduces the cast time of non-Water abilities by 1/2/3/4/5%, reduces the mana cost of non-instant Water abilities by 4/8/12/16/20%.
* Static Flux: Now increases all damage.
* Arctic Chill: Now also causes the snare effect from Arctic Blast, Eye of the Storm, Hailstorm, Icy Vortex and Wind Chill to deal Water damage each second, based on Spell Power, while the enemy is moving.
* Pouring Rain: Now resets the cooldown on all Stormcaller abilities. Increased the cooldown to 2 minutes. Moved Pouring Rain to the 40 point root ability.
* Electric Charge: Moved into the soul tree into Pouring Rain's previous location, and requires 35 points to unlock.
* Perfect Conditions: Increased the damage bonus applies to area effect abilities to 5/10/15%.
* Perfect Conditions: Now also reduces the global cooldown of Air and Water spells to 1.33/1.17/1 seconds and reduces the mana cost of instant Air and Water spells by 11/22/33%.
* Tempest Armor: No longer provides a global cooldown reduction to Water spells.
* Charged Atmosphere: Now increases the damage of area effect abilities by 4/8/12%.
* Wind Chill: Reduced cooldown to 30s.
* Lightning Mastery: Now increases Air damage by 3/6/9%, down from 4/8/12%.

* Updated Gift: Now increases damage by 1% per point in soul, instead of increasing damage by 0.5% and DoT damage by 1% per point in soul.
* Neddra's Torture: Duration and cooldown is now 8s.
* Expanded Contagion: Now gives Radiate Death a 33/66/100% chance to spread Life Leech, Atrophy, Necrosis, Combust, Electrified and Deathly Calling.
* Lingering Pain: Now gives Primary Bolt abilities a chance to refresh Life Leech instead of only Void Bolt.
* Warlock Armor, Dark Armor: Now also increase the damage of DoT abilities by 5%.
* Empowered Darkness: Will no longer consume more than the indicated 75 Charge on cast. Updated the tooltip so the Charge cost more clear.
* Conflux: Now curses the enemy for 30 seconds, dealing Death damage up to the next 10 times a Death based damage over time ability is applied to the enemy.
* Neddra's Essence: Reduced cooldown to 2 minutes.


* Exposed Weakness: Increased the attack power contribution to the damage bonus.

* Land Mines: No longer puts the player out of stealth when triggered.

* Fixed a bug where the damage of Finishers when dual wielding was less than expected.

* Swiftness: Now also increases damage done by 1-5%.

* Deadly Strikes: All attacks now ignore 2-10% of the target's Armor and Resist.
* Grim Satisfaction: All ability attacks now have a 20% chance of recovering 2-6 Power.
* One on Many: Now increases all damage done by 1-3% and increases damage of Area of Effect attacks by 3-9%.
* Soldier's Bearing: Now increases all damage done by 3%.
* Reaper's Bearing: No longer causes single target attacks to deal damage to surrounding enemies. Now, it increases the damage of single target attacks by 30%.
* Iron Strikes: Now increases the damage of all Champion abilities by 10-30%.
* Intense Training: Now increases the bonus to Slayer's Bearing to 5/7/9%, up from 3.5/4.2/5%.
* Mired: Now causes enemies affected by a Mark to take 3-9% more damage from your attacks for 1min, down from 5-15%.
* Trample: Bull Rush and Finishers now cause nearby enemies to take 5-15% more damage from all of your attacks for 15s.
* Follow Through: No longer reduces the power cost of Champion AE attacks by 2-4. It now reduces the power cost of all Champion abilities by 1-2.
* Fight or Flight: Now also increases damage done by 3-6%.
* Close on the Target: Now also increases damage done with melee weapons by 2-6%.
* Thunderous Strike: The debuff from Thunderous Strike now lasts 20s, up from 15s. Now applies a debuff onto affected enemies, increasing damage taken from the Warrior by 5-15%.
* Disruptive Strike: Damage has been increased.
* Bull Rush: Now roots the enemy for 2s.

* Shield of the Vengeful: Fixed a bug where Shield of the Vengeful is not increasing the damage of Destructive Forces.
* Balance of Power: Can now have a Crit outcome.

* Flinching Strike, Turn the Blade: No longer enable Follow Up attacks when they are executed.
* All Follow Up attacks are now activated for up to 10s after using any attack point generating ability. It will only be deactivated after using a Follow Up attack.

* Shadow of Dread: DOTs triggered from Shadow of Dread are now applied immediately upon execution. This reduces the chance of DOTs not applying when the ability is used at close to max range.
* Entropic Embrace: Now increases non-physical damage by 2-10%.
* Binding of Affliction: Now increases non-physical damage by 5%.
* Crippling Infestation: Now also increases damage done by Death based attacks by 3-15%.
* Reaping Touch: Now increases the damage of all attacks by 1-3% instead of increasing the damage of over time attacks by 2-6%.

* Fork: Now a Toggle ability. No longer cost Power. Causes Riftblade's Spear abilities to do 50% less damage.

* Difficult Target: Now reduces damage taken by 1-3% and increases damage dealt by 1-3%.

* Quality Care: Updated tooltip so it no longer references non-existent abilities.
* Destructive Forces: Reckless Strike and Ragestorm now deal weapon plus 0.3-1.5% of your Attack Power as Air damage for each active pact, down from 0.6-3.0%. Destructive Forces can now have a Crit outcome.
* Accord of the Rift: Now increases outgoing damage by 2% per active pact, down from 2.5%.

* Into the Breach: No shares a cooldown with Clear the Breach and roots affected enemies for 2s.
* Clear the Breach: No shares a cooldown with Into the Breach and roots affected enemies for 2s.
* Tactical Advance: Now also refreshes Sergeant's Order and Battlefield Medic.
* Defensive Surge: Now increases Armor and Resistance by 10/15%, up from 3/9%. Also reduces damage dealt by 10%.
* Battle Surge: Now increases Attack Power and Weapon Contribution by 20%, up from 15%. Also increases damage taken by 10%.
* Arterial Strike: Damage has been reduced. Now activates after a Critical Hit instead of a block, parry or dodge. Now grants an Attack Point and has a 6s cooldown, and the bleed now ignores armor and lasts 10s.

* Zone events involving multiple planar types (generally Fire + Earth) will no longer fail if there are no Rifts open of the appropriate planar type when a miniboss spawns.
* Mote collecting now possible while mounted for all mote quests. Every single motey one of them.

* The seismic shift in Ardent Domain has been accounted for in the achievement Heady Heights. You can now complete this achievement once more.

* Zone Event: Mark of the Iron Tyrant: Will now apply the Planar Equity debuff to unmentored players.

* There is a new porticulum located at the outpost near the entrance of Darkening Deeps!

* Zone Event: Where the Death Fae Go for the achievement Fairytale End should run much more frequently.

* Zone Event: Greater Aelfwar Idol: Will now apply the Planar Equity debuff to unmentored players.

* Captain Virog will stay at his post in Solstice Tower.
* Friendly NPCs from Empyreal Strongholds and Hunt Rifts should no longer fight each other.
* Motelets will respawn quicker in the forest of The Dendrome.
* Quest: Empyral Command: Fixed a typo in quest text.
* Strongholds:
- Reduced the damage of Usaerol's Electric Downpour.
- Reduced the healing done by the Architect Diviner invasion commander and the Green Defense Orb stronghold NPC.
- Players can now remove the Tether debuff if their partner is dead.

* Fixed an issue with Conquest chat while playing on an Unknown shard.
* Fixed an issue with Guild Quests not updating in The Black Garden and Karthan Ridge sometimes.
* The achievement Hunting the Endless can once again be completed by level 60 players in Port Scion.
* Fixed the issue preventing Aquatic Equinox Pods and Salve of the Hailol Satyrs from being completed more than once.

* All crafting professions now grant you at least one recipe automatically when you train the profession.
* Apothecary: Recipes that were new with 2.3 are now categorized correctly in the crafting window.
* Foraging: Crafting Regal Distillate no longer requires a workbench.
* RIFT Mobile: Added meat! Also, crafting raw material rewards are now distributed better based on your character's level.

* Dimension recommendations will be reset when transferring shards.
* Dimension minimap titles now say the dimension name instead of retaining the name of where you came from.
* Warden's Point and Sanguine Shores dimension keys are no longer sellable.
* Increased the diameter of the Tuldio Sun Orb dimension a little bit to accomodate having clipped off part of the southwest side in a previous adjustment. Enjoy the extra space!

* The cooldown on the Stronghold Summoner item will now continue counting down while logged out.
* Shield of Static Winds now has a Cleric/Mage upgrade path.
* Spent Heavy Omniparticle Emitter now has a Warrior/Rogue upgrade path.
* Peace of the Hailol now has a Warrior/Rogue upgrade path.
* Frozen Ion Cloud now has a caster upgrade path.
* Greater Essences drop more frequently from Strongholds, however, they are still rare.
* Essences of any planar type may now be found in any planar Stronghold. Example: Life strongholds can now drop Fire Essences.

* Fixed case where a recipe on a merchant would display as red even though you were skilled enough to learn it.
* Added a new window when you level up to quickly spend soul points for your selected purpose with one click.
* An error message will now be displayed when players cannot add anymore currency due to hitting their weekly cap.