Quick Facts

  • Level: 25
  • Type: Normal
  • Classification: Normal Solo
  • Category: Humanoid
  • Side: Neutral


Quartermaster Verdson


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Quartermaster Verdson

Quartermaster Verdson
<Granite Falls>
Level 25 (Normal Solo)


18 items found
NameRequired LevelSlotTypeCost
Glossy Granite Tomahawk
24One HandAxe4
Granite Crusher
Granite Falls Compass
13Trinket16 24
Granite Falls Staff
Granite Falls Stiletto
24One HandDagger4
Pet Oreling
Recipe: Fallsdweller Axe
Recipe: Grand Fireworks
InventoryConsumable4 0
Recipe: Greater Bottle of Tricks
InventoryConsumable4 0
Recipe: Nightshade Belt
Recipe: Steel Buckler
Recipe: Steeltouched Longsword
Recipe: Stonecleaver
Recipe: Stonefallen Band
Recipe: Stoneshatter Spellshield
Recipe: Stoneslasher
Recipe: Stonewarden Hunting Bow
Recipe: Triple-Knotted Band
Player NameGuildServerDiscovered On
EnzReunionReclaimerFeb 28th 2011, 03:55:29
SilberInterimoSeastoneMar 1st 2011, 08:46:17
KnutziBloodironMar 2nd 2011, 03:12:26
ViperiaLes Anges de la NuitBrisesolMar 4th 2011, 22:02:47
GradiusThe ChosenGreybriarMar 5th 2011, 05:35:14
DarmotThe Outcast SocietyWolfsbaneMar 10th 2011, 06:33:18
ZemphisDawn of TranquillityDeepwoodMar 15th 2011, 06:39:55
ChlorisGothicBrutwachtMar 17th 2011, 00:58:30
GwendellynPhranticFaeblightMar 20th 2011, 11:32:54
SariethNatural Born KillersRefugeApr 3rd 2011, 19:29:29
LaneLaethysApr 5th 2011, 01:22:20
AlabryZero ToleranceGelidraJun 14th 2013, 11:15:25
ForbidenBastionZavielJun 15th 2013, 20:38:58
ViariaHailolJun 16th 2013, 18:13:06
BeisaidKampfkekseTyphiriaNov 17th 2013, 21:16:13
1 comment found
By Data at 2013-06-02 16:18:58
Can be found around cords: 5003, 4958.
1 screenshot found
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