Quick Facts

  • Level: 52
  • Type: Raid
  • Classification: Raid 20 Boss - Indoor
  • Category: Elemental
  • Side: Neutral


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Level 52 (Raid 20 Boss - Indoor)


Thalguur is a fairly complex encounter requiring a high level of coordination for the individual raider. Raid damage is very high, so you will need 3 healers (one of which should be an AoE healing spec).

The first ability you will encounter will be Earthquake, an infinite-range AoE which does raid-wide damage, multiplied by the number of stacks of Power of Laethys Thalguur holds, and has a knockback component. Raiders should take care that they aren't near the edge of the cliff as they will be knocked off and meet their demise.

Thalguur also occasionally casts two Beams of Power. These will appear as a casted beam. One will connect from the Boss' head to an individual raider's head, and that raider must simply be healed. The other will connect from a raider to one of the pillars around the outside. This raider has approximately 8 seconds to run to the pillar, or the entire raid will receive a 50% healing debuff.

At 90, 70, 50, 30 and 10% Thalguur will approach one of the pillars and channel Absorb Power, which will increase his stacks of Power of Laethys by one. During this channel, crystals will spawn which (when picked up) grants a stack of Luxury, a buff which increases health, damage and healing. Commonly, raiders pick up 4 crystals per channel of Absorb Power, though there is some leeway for raid leaders to adjust due to deaths in the raid or other mechanics.

After channeling Absorb Power, Thalguur will become active again and will spawn one add per stack of Power of Laethys. The tank must pick these up quickly as they deal considerable damage and will 2-shot most non-tanks. Unlike the boss, they do have a cleave so melee DPS will need to be careful to be behind them at all times. Two shovels will spawn and can be used on the nearby dirt mounds. This will draw one spirit to it, and cause it to despawn. It is highly recommended to assign ranged DPS or support to this.

The final ability to note is "Greed is Good". This is a debuff placed on a random raid member which will steal stacks of Luxury from anyone within a 15 yard radius. There is no emote with this ability, and appears as a white swirl underneath the player's feet. The raid leader may want to assign a clear path and standing location for anyone who encounters this debuff.


16 items found
NameRequired LevelSlotTypeCount%
Lodestone Ring
out of 9376
Aegis of the Earthlords
50Off HandShield425
out of 9376
Wand of Excess
50RangedEarth Wand394
out of 9376
Golden Bauble
50Off HandTotem384
out of 9376
Crown of the Golden Empire
50HelmetChain Armor368
out of 9376
Impressive Shovel
out of 9376
50One HandMace318
out of 9376
Crystal Gloves
50GlovesCloth Armor304
out of 9376
Gilded Axe of Legend
50One HandAxe278
out of 9376
Shining Greaves of Destruction
50LegsPlate Armor239
out of 9376
Earthshadow Gloves
50GlovesLeather Armor230
out of 9376
Spiked Platinum Cord
50BeltLeather Armor225
out of 9376
Shining Amethyst Necklace
out of 9376
Golden Battleplate of the Emperor
50ChestPlate Armor184
out of 9376
Golden Elemental Boots
50FeetChain Armor131
out of 9376
Intimidating Shovel
out of 9376
1 achievement found
Player NameGuildServerDiscovered On
HerpetitusMaximationReclaimerMay 10th 2011, 17:45:40
XanfaceBest in SlotSeastoneMay 10th 2011, 22:50:11
GagramNerfedWolfsbaneMay 11th 2011, 00:53:29
RuccaChronicleLaethysMay 11th 2011, 01:59:55
IlumineLost TribeBrisesolMay 11th 2011, 14:11:22
KazaamElegyBrutwachtMay 11th 2011, 17:48:14
KaranVengeanceBloodironMay 11th 2011, 18:20:09
NosuLucidiumGreybriarMay 13th 2011, 01:54:19
MastafongEventideDeepwoodMay 15th 2011, 03:31:47
TirinStone and SteelFaeblightMay 18th 2011, 04:32:27
VastusInvictuzGelidraJun 14th 2013, 09:30:46
AriadnnaHeavenZavielJun 14th 2013, 18:47:51
AckillezTop One PercentHailolJun 15th 2013, 23:29:11
NezzaERRANTES DEL TIEMPOTyphiriaNov 9th 2013, 17:39:48
1 comment found
By AggroDoctor at 2011-06-23 11:58:52
He drops the Shovel, its a 2h warrior DPS weapon much better than the polearm from duke letarus, all i can remember is that it had 60 strengh, just droped last night but i wasnt logging it :S GL!
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