Open World Content

The open world in Rift contains a lot of different events, quest and rifts that you can play to gain experience, currencies and other drops. On this page you are going to get an introduction to some of the most popular events that you can play.

Daily and weekly quest

The game contains a number of different quest hubs. You can visit these hobs for the opportunity to obtain different daily and weekly quests. The quest reset each day at 4AM (server time). Write /time in the chat window to see the current time. The weekly quest are reset of Wednesday.


The game contains a number of different quests that you can take part in fighting.

nightmare riftNightmare Rifts

Nightmare rifts (Nms/RMRs) are rifts that can take place everywhere provided that you have the Rift 3.0 Nightmare tide expansion installed The nightmare rift can have a rank between 1 -5. The higher rank they have the harder they are going to be and the stronger enemies you a can expect to encounter.

Hunt Rifts

Hunt Rifts (Hrs or GHRs) are rifts that a player can summon by using a hunt rift lore. This lore is only available once you have gotten further into the game. You need to be at least level 51 to get one. The hords that are summoned through the rifts are usually hard and high rank hunt rifts can be very challenging. Hunt rifts are available with rank 1- 5. These hunts can give you special rewards. Great hunts regard you with a chest item at the end. Hunt rifts are not available post level 60.

Expert Raid Rifts

Expert raid rifts (xRR). These raids are less important than they use to be. They used to be for players that reached level 50 and that possessed a expert raid rift lure. These where 5 people rifts for skilled players. The game has since then increased the maximum level to 65 but have not introduced a new type of expert rifts. This have made these rifts less popular.

Daily Raid rift

There are daily raid rifts (DDR) for high level players. Their are raids for players at level 50, 60 and 65. You are unable to open these quest if you do not have a high enough level. These raids are designed for groups of 10 players. These raids can give very good loot.

rift strongholdStrongholds

Strongholds (Shs) are a type of dynamic content that are available for high level player. You need to be level 60 to do strong hold content. Th Strongholds can be found in the Dnendrome. They are not available on the water plane. The strongholds in Dnendrome became obsolete with the release of nightmare tides. They used to be weekly Dnendrome strongholds but they have been removed.

Bloodfire Stronghold

Bloodfire strongholds are found as a part of the Air Saga. They have summon-able bosses. You can find the bloodfire strongholds and their bosses in 32 different level areas. You can find these on level 15, 30 and 60. These bosses give you good loot.