primalstThe primalist is a new class that was added in Rift 3.5. This class in not available for free when you start the game. You need to buy an add on to get access to the primalist. The class has had a mixed reception. It does contain a very capable healer and a rather good tank but the remaining souls are not very popular. Some player enjoy playing this new class but most player seems to think that they are not worth the money. This is likely due to the fact that the primalist is a class that is most suitable for beginners. This is due to them beingĀ  very easy to play. Most players who buy the extension to get access to the primalist are experienced players and they will not find much of value in this class. Their paladins and pyramoancers will already be better and stronger units than any of the units you can find in this extension.

The primalist is connected to the earth and can bind with with animal spirits. When they bind with animal spirits they get a glowing mask in front of their face. Different animal spirits will give different types of primalist different powers.

The goal for all primalist is to find balance between cunning and fury. The balance between fury and cunning will give you different abilities. Maxing out the fury can give you certain benefits while perfect harmony will give you other benefits. The balance affect the power of attack and healing as well as the charge time for different attacks.

Most primalists will carry range weapons but not all of them will actually use them. Some carry them as religious artifacts rather than actual weapons that they use. The primalist gains extra strength from these items. They mainly use two handed melee weapons to attack their enemies.

Below you can read mote about different types of primalists.


The berserker is a unit that focus on fury. They rush in to the middle of the battle with little concern about their own health. They can quickly wreck a lot of damage on the battle field. They have a very strong two handed attack and gain strength from the blood the blood they spill. The berserker is weak against ranged units and can easily be defeated if you can keep them at a distance.


The Titan is a very strong melee unit that is able to take a lot of damage. A Titan that is centered around fury will be very strong while a more cunning Titan will be able to dodge attacks without ever taking any damage. The titan is primarily a melee unit. They are vulnerable to magic and ranged attacks.


The Dervish is a balanced unit that use both fury and cunning to move around the battle field. They are very quick units that quickly can get in close to other units and release a deadly melee attack. The dervish is a good unit to use to quickly eliminate key enemies on the battle field before they get time to build up their power and spell. The Dervish is a quick unit but they can be quickly be killed if they are caught in battle with a stronger unit without a way out of the battle. They need to move in and out of the battle to be really effective.


Preserver is a healing unit that binds with forest spirits to be able to heal all nearby allies. They are balance units that use both fury and cunning. They can be very valuable allies but need to be kept out of direct battle to avoid them becoming an easy prey for your enemies. The Preserver becomes becomes a stronger healer the longer the game progress.


The Typhoon is a distance unit that can cause a lot of damage to a large number of enemies by releasing their elemental powers. Their attacks are mainly based around wind, rain and thunder. They need to charge their attack before they can use it and they can easily fall prey to quick melee units before they have had time to build up their power level. By varying the attacks you use you will be able to attack more often and can reduce the time needed to recharge your powers.


The vulcanist uses the power of volcanoes to rain fire on his enemies. They feature a number of very strong attacks. They need time to build up their power and can be vulnerable early om in a rift raid. The vulcanist gains the majority of their strength from fury but there are a few attacks that only become available to more cunning units. They are vulnerable to quick units that can attack them in hand to hand combat while they are charging their attacks.