Quick Facts

    • Level: 48
    • Category: Stillmoor
    • Type: Zone Event
    • Deprecated

    Event Phases


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    An Eye for an Eye

    An Eye for an Eye
    • Defend Wardstones from Lord Edraam [%INVERSEPROGRESS]/[%TOTAL] 0/4
    • Collect Shadestone from Death Rifts and Invasions [%PROGRESS]/[%TOTAL] 0/100
    • Power-up War Machine 124-KT 0/1
    • Defeat Gogalab the Pox Bringer 0/1

    Short Description

    Gather the resources to launch your Colossus and defeat the forces of Lord Edraam.


    Player NameGuildServerDiscovered On
    JonquinSilent LucidityWolfsbaneMay 11th 2011, 00:11:57
    PerriinnDiscordiaFaeblightMay 12th 2011, 02:02:55
    FitzLunarisBrisesolMay 14th 2011, 15:23:34
    BlokakhanOld Timers GuildGreybriarMay 16th 2011, 00:28:08
    RageHacAttackReclaimerMay 16th 2011, 03:40:04
    SenecaBrutwachtMay 16th 2011, 17:55:56
    AleasaRise of the TyrantsSeastoneJun 24th 2011, 02:08:20
    SuteetBeyond BoundsDeepwoodJun 24th 2011, 02:14:21
    MorgonThe InquisitionLaethysJun 25th 2011, 03:41:51
    BedurionCoreBloodironJul 2nd 2011, 20:29:41
    GhostdragonHailolJun 19th 2013, 11:12:05
    AliahMars RatsZavielJun 22nd 2013, 17:23:43
    AlorenGelidraJun 25th 2013, 15:24:45
    EsotericTyphiriaNov 14th 2013, 15:49:27
    1 comment found
    By bs10226 at 2011-11-25 05:37:33

    Shadestone drops from mobs in Death Rifts and Invasions. If possible you should try to keep the death rifts open and farm the invasions and mobs that respawn. A lot of death rifts don't have mobs that respawn though. On Deepwood once the Guardians have collected all their Shadestone the Death Rifts and Invasions stop which makes it almost impossible for the Defiants to collect Shadestone. If you do run out of Death Rifts, Tears, and Invasions you can get the shadestone from the Eye of Regulos.

    After you have collected the shadestone go back to Zareph's Return and power-up the war machine.

    You can only carry 1 shadestone at a time.

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