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    Meetings of Interest

    Meetings of Interest
    • Use the spyglass near the Abyssal Camp in Steampike Pit to listen in on the Tidelords' meeting 0/1
    • Search for clues of their motives within the camp 0/1
    • Return to the Faceless Man in Illumination Point
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    Short Description

    Search the hills of Iron Pine for the meeting of the Tidelords and divine its purpose.


    The meeting is taking place in the hills of Iron Pine near Steampike Pit. You should seek it out and learn what you can about why they are meeting. Report back to me as soon as you know anything.

    Completion Text

    They claim they will return Lyrr? Impossible! The first of the Tidelords has been dead since the time of the first age of dragons. The dwarven Void Knight Rasmolov ran her through with a spear in his quest to kill Akylios. Of course, you are proof positive that death is not the end for the powerful. They must be seeking a way to return her soul. You say Sarnol was there... Sarnol has long studied the means by which we might return Lyrr. He shared something with me once: a belief that with a suitable host, he could bring back her spirit and return her to us. I was once very consumed with the idea of Lyrr myself, and so he sought my knowledge to guide him in his efforts.



    Player NameGuildServerDiscovered On
    BustecapRise of the TyrantsSeastoneAug 3rd 2011, 18:39:00
    AyldenPrimordial FuryDeepwoodAug 3rd 2011, 19:11:23
    DarwenResonanceWolfsbaneAug 3rd 2011, 19:18:32
    ThreshAfterlifeLaethysAug 3rd 2011, 19:30:08
    TronixRaptureGreybriarAug 3rd 2011, 19:43:24
    Seikonof the FortressFaeblightAug 3rd 2011, 19:59:49
    NotwehrBrutwachtAug 5th 2011, 02:58:00
    ElirthirAva CatariBrisesolAug 5th 2011, 03:16:24
    FreaTemporaryBloodironAug 5th 2011, 03:34:27
    McniceGelidraJun 14th 2013, 20:47:52
    OregtolvajhTwZavielJun 14th 2013, 20:48:00
    AllisandraExtortionHailolJun 15th 2013, 17:32:47
    AcidsideERRANTES DEL TIEMPOTyphiriaNov 7th 2013, 19:10:13
    1 comment found
    By Baldanders at 2011-10-03 15:03:17
    Calls for 3, but easy to solo, just regular level 50 mobs in the area.
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