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    A Hidden Danger

    A Hidden Danger
    • Disassemble Ritual Piles 0/5
    • Report to Keeper Elios at Ember Watch
    5490 XP
    33 85
    Your notoriety will change by
    +200 with The Keepers

    Short Description

    Carefully disassemble trapped Ritual Piles placed by the minions of the Golden Maw throughout the Fractured Plain.


    Whomever this skeleton belonged to met with an unfortunate end. You can feel the taint of planar earth in the area around this crater. It seems the Golden Maw have left Ritual Piles, rigged to explode if tampered with, all over Fractured Plain.

    Completion Text

    Ritual Piles that explode with planar energy if someone messes with them? What a novel concept. You have to respect ingenuity, even in your enemies. Hopefully the clever creature that devised those things is out of ideas now.


    Player NameGuildServerDiscovered On
    NeojinResonanceWolfsbaneNov 16th 2011, 19:33:58
    SlikkbackThe Fallen of AkyliosGreybriarNov 16th 2011, 19:49:24
    VandrinThe Platinum OrderFaeblightNov 16th 2011, 20:46:22
    RaykorOdd BallzSeastoneNov 16th 2011, 21:02:28
    EpyRegulos TearDeepwoodNov 16th 2011, 21:20:44
    MelangeAfterlifeLaethysNov 16th 2011, 21:38:37
    VardamirOrphiel's CovenantBloodironNov 17th 2011, 03:29:14
    BrutaliciusBloodLustBrisesolNov 17th 2011, 04:37:38
    BambamLegionBrutwachtNov 17th 2011, 05:15:10
    BramborgGelidraJun 14th 2013, 07:54:01
    KeeeanaConsortiumZavielJun 14th 2013, 12:57:52
    AmbersweetHailolJun 15th 2013, 01:31:14
    MasterstarTyphiriaOct 30th 2013, 16:53:45
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