Quick Facts

    • Level: 50
    • Faction: Icewatch
    • Type: Daily, World Event
    • Deprecated

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    Weaken the Enemy Forces

    Weaken the Enemy Forces
    • Send Yetis into the Storm Legion camp 0/3
    • Return to [%QUESTCOMPLETER] at the Chancel of Labors
    5040 XP
    31 50
    Repeat Rewards
    31 50
    Your notoriety will change by
    +300 with Icewatch

    Short Description

    Harass the Storm Legion troops across the Cloudbourne Tarn by leading Yetis into their camp.


    It's good that you're here, [%Name]. I've just received word from our scouts that the Storm Legion has a camp on the other side of the tarn. Unfortunately, we don't have the troops for a full on assault, but that's where you come in. The plan is to rile up the local Yeti population and send them rampaging through the camp. That ought to keep the Storm Legion busy for a while.

    Completion Text

    Haha, I wish I could have seen their faces when those Yetis came striding into their camp. Good work, Ascended.


    Player NameGuildServerDiscovered On
    SuadaLaVidaBrutwachtOct 23rd 2012, 15:34:51
    ThomatankLe Royaume des MoutonsBrisesolOct 23rd 2012, 15:35:33
    CeeraEye Of SorrowBloodironOct 23rd 2012, 15:42:06
    NigredoSo Many AchievablesDeepwoodOct 23rd 2012, 22:33:06
    AramaeWhite FangGreybriarOct 23rd 2012, 22:33:42
    WindarcheLast PullWolfsbaneOct 23rd 2012, 22:33:48
    SeasonAegisLaethysOct 23rd 2012, 22:33:54
    HedgieGaisciochFaeblightOct 23rd 2012, 22:36:56
    ThesackDawn of TerrorSeastoneOct 23rd 2012, 22:37:48
    TelloniousGelidraJun 14th 2013, 08:06:11
    IonoreZavielJun 14th 2013, 10:08:47
    IravertoHailolJun 15th 2013, 03:28:41
    LaurylTyphiriaOct 29th 2013, 10:00:39
    2 comments found
    By Misslafay at 2013-09-05 20:23:59

    The cords above lead me to the other side of the area so I decided to share a explanation other then "giant tree shadow" as that was not that much help..

    When your coming from the chancel of labors head straight the camp over the ice. Its below Crusia's temple (marked on everyone's map).
    When you get there, to the left is a big hole in the ice.
    Left of the hole is an entrance to the camp.
    This is where you walk to with your yeti, it then is released into the camp.
    2 out of the 3 times you don't get agro and the quest is easy to complete this way.
    Beware of the patrol that gets up to the entrance every now and then!

    Hope this helps :)

    By Maasani at 2013-02-22 22:36:47
    After dying a few times, I figured out the best way to complete this is to drag your mesmerized yeti to 4262, 2529 outside the entrance to the Storm Legion camp: or, for those who prefer not to use coords, its into the giant tree shadow outside the camp - at this point the yetis take off into the camp and you are far away not to pull any aggro yourself.
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