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    They All Fall Down

    They All Fall Down
    • Kill Mathosian Soldiers and Knights 0/8
    • Kill Mathosian undead 0/8
    • Return to Javor Konjovic in Zareph's Return
    You will be able to choose one of these
    5040 XP
    31 50
    Your notoriety will change by
    +250 with Order of Mathos

    Short Description

    Kill Mathosian Soldiers, Knights, and undead in Death's Approach, west of Zareph's Return, and then return to Javor Konjovic.


    The Endless Court has subverted Mathosian Soldiers and Knights, and even reanimates their corpses so they continue to serve after death. Despite our resolve, the Order of Mathos simply cannot stand against their superior numbers.

    Completion Text

    By wiping out so many of the Mathosian Soldiers, Knights, and undead, you've made it impossible for the Endless Court to mount a strong enough attack to destroy Zareph's Return. This advantage won't last forever, so we better make the most of it while we can.



    Player NameGuildServerDiscovered On
    NerfedFires of HeavenReclaimerFeb 27th 2011, 06:11:20
    MyzedraHalcyon AffinityGreybriarFeb 27th 2011, 07:15:34
    XelaraHavenSeastoneFeb 27th 2011, 07:43:57
    XarraAesirBrutwachtFeb 27th 2011, 12:09:34
    DonnymeightBloodironFeb 27th 2011, 13:32:27
    TusangreFace Plant IncWolfsbaneFeb 27th 2011, 22:11:01
    OlympusAscensionDeepwoodFeb 28th 2011, 09:32:08
    ToocoolIlligadBrisesolFeb 28th 2011, 21:52:02
    SingularityFaeblightMar 1st 2011, 00:10:59
    CreasianTyranny of SoulsLaethysMar 1st 2011, 22:14:05
    PixieRefugeMar 8th 2011, 19:19:53
    HirouZavielJun 14th 2013, 08:36:07
    SilhoutetteGelidraJun 14th 2013, 11:06:27
    JasContent ClearHailolJun 15th 2013, 19:08:05
    StingoMolten Core CZ SKTyphiriaOct 31st 2013, 07:36:06
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