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    The Amber Throne

    The Amber Throne
    • Take back the Tome of Amber 0/1
    • Return to Cardinal Visc in Sanctum
    7200 XP
    27 83

    Short Description

    Sasha Nikadon wants you to travel to the outskirts of Meridian and look for the Defiant Loremaster who stole the "Tome of Amber". He will not give it up willingly, so kill him and take back the missing book.


    Recently a scholar came to us and presented credentials that he was from the Dragonslayer Covenant. He studied with us for many months, claiming his order was in desperate need to fight the forces of House Aelfwar. Instead we have found that this was a lie. He was a Defiant operative who stole certain unique books including the "Tome of Amber". We have been working with a scout to track the man. I'm sure that he could use your assistance in recovering the book from that literary thief.

    Completion Text

    Well done, [%NAME]. This will give us the insight we need about what Hylas's ultimate goals are. It also gives us insight into these planes of existence. Are there worse threats than the Primordial Dragon? That thought chills me, but we must be prepared.



    Player NameGuildServerDiscovered On
    YakeshDuskfallenSeastoneMar 5th 2011, 01:48:37
    AquilaThresholdReclaimerMar 6th 2011, 17:09:41
    RylekEternalDeepwoodMar 8th 2011, 22:45:53
    AlphaArchetypeBloodironMar 9th 2011, 08:55:37
    RosarioFortressFaeblightMar 10th 2011, 05:05:07
    JbwilkesDwarec MercsGreybriarMar 12th 2011, 03:29:43
    SaltomeLaethysMar 12th 2011, 15:38:42
    RelDownunderWolfsbaneMar 13th 2011, 11:44:24
    TaurgilPhalanx CoronaBrutwachtMar 15th 2011, 00:43:36
    TearInstinctBrisesolMar 15th 2011, 20:18:37
    SierraRefugeMar 22nd 2011, 23:34:42
    IsharoshZavielJun 14th 2013, 14:30:48
    KyraPandion KnightsGelidraJun 15th 2013, 18:49:44
    AivieKnights of DawnHailolJun 17th 2013, 20:04:34
    ArdeloOfflineTyphiriaNov 1st 2013, 23:33:10
    10 comments found
    By Mostin5000 at 2011-03-25 12:48:57
    Amortsey Swarte -- 6220,5325
    By Parahelios at 2011-04-20 00:08:49

    For those looking to get to Freemarch, you need to either go through Stonefield or Droughtlands - there's an invisible wall separating Silverwood and Freemarch at Divine Landing.

    And another around (what I'm assuming, cause its not explored for me) Port Scion, so no running up the Gloamwood mountain and around either.

    By JinxFarm at 2011-04-30 12:37:45
    Confirmed, the item doesnt drop always 100%, had to wait 10 minutes til the mob respawns and starts to walk again, guards are L52 raid mobs with high stealth detection on long range.Also the mob start to flee around so take him out befire he runs into guards, who can one or 2shot you.
    By Gwenarraiel at 2011-07-23 16:47:03
    He takes a god awful long time to get up and start walking around, so be sure that he's far enough away before you attack him so you don't have to wait all over again.
    By ShannaeDarkehart at 2011-07-30 13:26:45

    Uploaded a screenshot of the spot by the tree he wanders over to. :)

    [sm]Edited, Jul 30th 2011 9:39am by ShannaeDarkehart [/sm]

    By Dragonsi at 2011-12-23 12:06:12

    My level 50 Mage friend came with me to do this, I had no idea what it was about. I understood then we were next to the Capitol City, on a PvE server, Gnarlwood.

    He was going to stun him when Amortsey got to the tree, and I was going to do the rest. But I was the one with the quest and apparently, I'm guessing, since he attacked him first before I could, the guy instantly disappeared and appeared back in his original spot next to the guard. We had to wait another 10 minutes? or so until he walked back and I said I would attack first, and this time it worked fine.

    By LadyCelestine at 2011-06-17 23:26:56
    TheVinay said:If the guy's hanging around guards, just stay out of range but watch him. Eventually he'll get up to move; when he's away from them, you can take him out.

    Verified. If you wait at 6240, 5376 Amortsay Swarte will eventually walk out to that tree and hang out for a minute. It also doesn't flag you for PVP and is far enough away from the guards to not aggro them.

    By Xanethia at 2011-05-10 18:21:08

    Actually, you can easily swim from Silverwood to Freemarch - you just have to take a tiny detour.

    Swim from Sunken March around 6575-3636 or anywhere close enough along the small islands at the coast.
    Swim towards the island at 6654-3866
    walk to the other side of the island and swim from the bridge 6708-4015
    Swim towards Warden's Point 6593-4224

    There is a few tin and yew nodes on the island otherwise it is completely empty.

    By Bartolomeu at 2011-07-02 07:21:01

    I have a video guide for the shortcut from Silverwood to Freemarch.


    By TheVinay at 2011-03-28 09:50:03
    If the guy's hanging around guards, just stay out of range but watch him. Eventually he'll get up to move; when he's away from them, you can take him out.
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