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  • Sell Price: 145


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Fine Leather

Fine Leather
Butchering (115) 115 120 125 135
Fine Leather
Stacks To: 99
1 45


Player NameGuildServerDiscovered On
KestiaWolfsbaneFeb 25th 2011, 18:08:51
ScoopsL E G I O NReclaimerFeb 25th 2011, 22:19:36
NyhoThelyn EnnorBrutwachtFeb 26th 2011, 02:36:19
KaraelineBrisesolFeb 26th 2011, 03:45:11
TahrinGreybriarFeb 26th 2011, 04:48:55
LokSilent EscapeDeepwoodFeb 26th 2011, 05:13:35
ImaElysium OrderFaeblightFeb 26th 2011, 09:14:01
ReconcileFMCSeastoneFeb 26th 2011, 13:56:19
LurgyGoon SquadBloodironFeb 26th 2011, 13:58:43
CeciliaLaethysFeb 27th 2011, 05:43:04
QuzariRefugeMar 3rd 2011, 17:00:45
MelainePricelessZavielJun 14th 2013, 09:01:54
BailogGelidraJun 14th 2013, 10:23:50
IcoriaHailolJun 15th 2013, 01:15:35
TashnnaTyphiriaOct 29th 2013, 17:56:01
8 comments found
By lordlight at 2011-03-16 04:38:31

This can be farmed from the low level 20 wolves in the first main zone (Freemark for Defiants)

The Rep requirement for this pattern is currently a bug and you can just right click the pattern to learn it even without the rep.

By Oluphus at 2011-04-24 02:03:54

This recipe can be learned after doing a quest. The item that starts the quest is called [link=http://rift.zam.com/en/item/F5A081EA0701010101/Unblemished-Pelt]Unblemished Pelt[/link]. This item dropped from a [link=http://rift.zam.com/en/npc/356955003/Rockeye-Lurker]Rockeye Lurker[/link] that is found in Scarwood Reach, in the Timar Foothill at approximately 133 1661.

[sm]Edited, Apr 23rd 2011 10:07pm by Oluphus [/sm]

By plantface at 2011-04-28 17:52:27

Can also be farmed from the Stonegazers (and presumably chicks) at Trapper's Rest in Droughtlands..

[sm]Edited, Apr 28th 2011 1:53pm by plantface [/sm]

By Isso at 2011-05-13 19:04:18

Quest for leatherworking for unblemished pelt dropped from Rockeye Lurker in Scarwood Reach 3200, 3700 area. Took about 25 kills to get it.
Luluanri Galena

[sm]Edited, May 13th 2011 5:18pm by Isso [/sm]

By tenbill at 2011-05-17 21:42:12
Skinned the Unblemished Pelt off a level 34 Deathpaw Stalker at (3640, 4465) just outside Perspice in Scarwood Reach.
By BlueSilky at 2011-04-05 21:34:01
Where are the lvl 20 wolves? lvl 18 is the highest i have found and recipe requires medium and heavy hide why would it drop from beast that drop thin hide? anyone have updated info on what drops the quest item for this? Hven't found recipe at a vendor. rep or otherwise.
By CrazedPyro at 2011-04-13 01:06:21
I got the quest drop in Scarwood Reach off the wolves for defiants.
By plantface at 2011-04-28 17:51:26
Can also be farmed from the Stonegazers (and presumably chicks) at Trapper's Rest in Droughtlands.
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