The rouge is a mix between a warrior and a scholar. They can fight but they also use other teachings and arcane magic to become formidable units. The rouge uses their mind to solve a problem. They only revert to melee combat if it is  necessarily. The rouge is a modern unit and can not look back at the same history as the warriors and mages.

RogueThere are several different rouge disciplines that are being handed down by different masters. The rouged posses very different powers. Some are most at home in urban areas while other know how to tame the wild beasts found in the wilderness. All of them are good fighters that are expert of using the objects on the battlefield to their advantage. Some rouges can use spells to boost the power of their gear.

The rouge is a fun unit to play. It is most suitable for more experienced players. We recommend that you make your first build a cleric or a warrior.

This is the rouges that are available in the beginning of the game.


Assassins are units that rely on stealth to jump out of the shadow and quickly kill an enemy before they disappear into the shadows once again. Their blades are covered in poison. Units that survives the primary attack will continue to suffer damage until they die. The assassin is able to pass obstacles in the terrain that limit the movements of other units.

Assassins are hard to sport on the battle field. They can easily be defeated if you can spot them before they  attack or if you have a unit that is immune to their poisoned attacks.

This unit is suitable for a patient player that is willing to stay in the shadows and use stealth as their weapon of choice. Hash and slash players should avoid them..


The bard is a supporting unit that use song and music to strengthen their allies and strike fear into the hearth of the enemies. The bard is a purely supportive unit that is extremely weak when separated from their allies. They can very easy be killed if you can reach them.

The bard is a very special unit to play and if you want to use it you have to play differently than you would otherwise. If you play the bard you have to expect to stay at the edge of all battles supporting your allies without getting directly involved in the battle.


The bladedancer is a very good fighter. They move very quickly and use dual blades to quickly kill all enemies. They only use light weapons and light gear as they prioritize speed over strength and protection. Their speed allow them to quickly attack enemies on the battlefield without taking any damage themselves. It is a fun unit to play for all players who enjoy darting in and out of the battlefield like a banshee. A bladedancer can decimate a lot of enemies in quick succession. Their speed allow them to avoid a lot of the enemies attacks. They can also use stealth to launch lethal sneak attacks.

The bladedancer use their fury to power their attacks. They are easy targets if they remain on the battlefield once their fury runs out. The blade dancer needs to dart in and out of the battlefield using their fury to be an effective unit. They need to be out of the battle to safely recharge their fury.


The marksman is an offensive units that use  stealth with effective long distance attacks. They are expert sharp shooters that are able to thin out the enemy force quickly with ruthless efficiency.

This unit is an expert hit and run unit. They can very efficiently pick of enemies from a distance and then run of before any units can approach them to attack them in hand to hand combat. The marksman is easily defeat in melee battle. The key to defeating this unit is to use the terrain to limit their movements to prevent their retreat.

It is a fun unit to play if you enjoy offensive distance play.


nightbladeThe Nightblade is a strong offensive unit that use their skill to stalk their enemies until they can strike with devastating effect. They use stealth to stalk their enemy and then strike hard from the shadows. The Nightblade attack using a blade and planar magic. Their magic is based around fire and death. They only use light armor and is quickly defeated in melee battle. The Nightblade depends on the surprise nature of their attacks to avoid getting caught in hand to hand combat. Their knowledge of arcane magic give them a unique edge.

The Nightblade is a good choice if you want to be able to do both melee and magical attacks, Their magic is not as strong as the mages and their combat skill are not as good as those of a warrior. They are however a fun hybrid between the two classes.

The nightblade usually find it hard to survive a long battle. They should therefor use their speed to do as much damages as possible as early in the battle as possible. They are good quick units to use to kill mages before they have had time to power up their spells.


The rangers are experts in using the wilderness to their full advantage. They can tame different beasts to use them as companions in the battle. Their companions can be very strong offensive units and the rangers are also formidable warriors in their own right. A combined attack from the ranger and his pets can be completely devastating. The ranger is a very good marksman that can attack with lethal precision from a large distance. The ranger can use different pets from different offensive capabilities.

This unit is a strong offensive units but have limited defensive capabilities and if you can catch them in close combat without their pets you will easily defeat them. Please note that the ranger can deal a lot of damage in close combat despite their defensive being weak. Avoid attacking if your health is low.


The riftstalker is a mystical unit that can bend reality and move between the planes to keep themselves protected. They have a strong defense but can still deal a lot damage. They move between the planes to dodge enemy attacks. This allow them to easily evade enemy blows. The ability to shield themselves in another dimension make them very hard to fight.

Jumping between different plains require a lot of energy. This means that the riftstalker can only do so for a limited amount of time. Once their power run out they need to retreat from the battle to recharge their powers before they can rejoin the battle. If you can attack them while they lack the power to jump between dimension you will find them be an easy prey. Their ability to dodge attacks in other units mage them an ideal fighter to send in a battle early to kill key enemy units before they they can power up their attacks and do a lot of damage.


The saboteurs are units that use explosive and other devices to blow things up and create traps on the battlefield. If used correctly they can destroy an entire enemy force without ever entering into battle. They simply detonate their explosives when the enemy is in the right position and decimate them completely. It is a unit for strategic players who enjoy the challenge of destroying the enemy without ever facing them straight on. The saboteur is a unit that is most suitable to work alone. They are of limited use once a battle have commenced. They can however be very useful for weakening the enemy before the battle begin (or decimate them completely).

They are very weak units if you are able to face them directly before their traps are in place. The same is true if you are able to get around their traps and attack them in hand to hand combat.