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Summerfest begins on July 25, 2013.
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Summer is here and people all across Telara are taking a break from their hard-won battles to enjoy the fine weather, great food, and fantastic fishing that summer always brings.

There are 11 pets available for Summerfest, but unlike previous world events, these companions are trappable in the open world! Each zone has a corresponding companion which spawns at a random location. You will know you've found one when the trapping icon pops up as a temporary ability on your screen. Run up to the little critter and use the trapping ability to collect the companion in your inventory. Alternatively, you can purchase a Random Companion Adoption Box from the world event merchant for 500 Summerfest Merit Badges.

Spotted SnakeFreemarch
Black BunnySilverwood
Brown RatStonefield
Tamed Deepfang HatchlingGloamwood
Scoots' Favorite TreatScarlet Gorge
Black CoyoteScarwood Reach
Tabby CatMoonshade Highlands
White SquirrelIron Pine Peak
Green CobraShimmersand

The main event currency for Summerfest is the Summerfest Merit Badge, which can be earned via quests and by closing rifts of all levels. The rarer currency is the Summerfest Friendship Bracelet, which is only rewarded for select quests.

  • Aerlinsa <Ascended Goods> at (7420, 3120) in Sanctum or at (6205, 5177) in Meridian
  • Jari <Alo's Sous-Chef>


  • Phase 1: Beat the Heat
  • Phase 2: Lazy Summer



During Summerfest the Summer Sunplant can be found growing in shallow waters throughout Telara. Fishing around this plant can yield Summer Sunfish, Sunplant Leaves and even the occasional Summerfest Merit Badge. The locations of the Sunplants are marked with a fish icon.


  • Capture: Them All - You must be at least level 50 to receive this quest.

Capture Subquests

  • Capture: Aurobon Stalker
  • Capture: Carrion Beast
  • Capture: Cliffside Rhino
  • Capture: Dreg Beast
  • Capture: Sand Demon
  • Capture: Scavenging Thunderbird
  • Capture: Shadewing Bat
  • Capture: Tk'ztk Parasite

Begin each scavenger hunt with Shyla Starhearth at (7423, 3130) in Sanctum or Sylver Valis at (6205, 5196) in Merdian. Find a task master in each of the challenge zones and complete their quest!

The Little Scavenger Hunt, Part 1 - available in Phases 1 and 2

The Great Scavenger Hunt, Part 1 - available in Phases 1 and 2

The Little Scavenger Hunt, Part 2 - available only in Phase 2

The Great Scavenger Hunt, Part 2 - available only in Phase 2

Quick Facts

Live Event
Frequency: Annual
Real-life: Summer