Rift have a complex trading system where you can trade with both NPCs and other players. The game is designed in a way that is supposed to make it easy to performs different transaction between different players in the game using virtual currency.

riftThe game has a number of different in game currencies that are used in different types of transaction. The lowest currency in the game is silver. 100 silver equal one gold. Your silver will be converted automatically when you have 100 silver. 100 gold is worth one platinum. The gold is converted automatically just like the silver. Platinum is the highest denomination used in the game.

The chat-rooms are used for different players to trade with each other. The prices are often cited in p (Platinum). A player who want to sell an object can do so through the Cash on Delivery (COD) system. When you mail another player you can choose to check “Send Money” and “C.O.D.”.. Cash on delivery is almost the best option. This allows you to email the object to the player that wants to buy it. The buyer needs to pay the requested price to be able to get the object.

Some players will sell objects for below their in-game value. This is usually called gifting.

Currencies in the open world

The currencies that are used in the comfort of the chat and the strongholds are not the same that are used out in the open world. In the open world you can find a number of currencies. Many of them with a specific purpose.

The most important open world currencies are:


This is the main currencies that you get while playing in the open world. You gain Planarite whenever you battle planar mobs. You encounter planar mobs during zone events, rifts, footholds, strongholds, and planar invasions. Planarite can be used to buy weapons and gears from NPCs throughout the open worlds.

Corrupted Sourcestone

This a type of currency used to purchase level 5+ epic quality goods from some merchants. These merchants are only available in areas that was part of the original game.

Cursed Sourcestone

This type of sourcestone is used to buy even better items from the same merchants as above. These stones allow you to buy Epic +20 items.

Vile Sourcestone

This type of stone allow you to purchase Epic +30 quality goods.

Inscribed Sourcestone

These sourcestones are also called ISS. They can be user to buy Epic +40 quality goods from the rare planer merchants. Most of the sourcestones I have mentioned above is useless in the game. It usually take to long to collect the amount of stones you need for it to be worth doing so. By the time you have enough stones you have leveled up and can use gears that make the gear you can buy with the stones useless. They are simply not powerful at that point of the game

ESS = Empyreal Sourcestone

This sourcestone is available between level 51 and 59. It can exclusively be used to trade with the Adventure Dealer at Plaza Aurentine in Tempest Bay. I recommend that you ignore this currencies. It is quickly replaced as you level up and the gear you can buy is weak. It  can not be upgraded to level up with you. The gear can not be upgraded past level 54. This type of stones have now been replaced with Infinity stones and are no longer present in the game. All existing stones were converted into Infinity stones.

IS = Infinity Stones

This stone replaced the ESS. IT is available from level 60 and allow you to purchase some pretty good armor and a few other valuable things.

VS = Void Stones

Void stones are the main currency of the world once you reached level 65. The currently highest level in the games.