warriorThe warrior is completely devote to combat, weapons, armor and tactics. The warrior disciplines are based on very old traditions. The different warrior types have very different philosophies and styles of fighting but all of them are 100% devoted to their art. All warriors are strong melee units that know how to take and deal damage. Many warrior classes include magic in their fighting styles. This is a new development. The presence of the elemental forces have made magic easier to use and this has made it possible for the warriors to use magic with less training than previously required. Previously it requires complete dedication to magic to be able to perform magic. This is no longer the case.

The warrior is an excellent choice if you like to get into the middle of the battlefield and engage in hand to hand combat. It is a good beginner unit since they are easy to play and can be very effective on the battlefield. Especially if you make sure to destroy enemy mages before they are able to build up their spell and reach full power.


The beastmaster is a warrior that fight together with a spirit companion. The beast is a strong ally that can add a lot to the beastmasters offensive strength. The spirit of the beast and the warrior merge to strengthen both units. The beastmaster is weaker than other warriors if you are able to separate them from their spirit companion.

The beastmaster is not a good choice for your first play through. You are better of choosing another stronger warrior when you are completing your first build.


The champion is a well trained warrior using massive dual handed weapons to destroy all in his path. There are very few units that are as strong as the champion in melee combat. They strive to win glory on the battlefield and become the best swordsmen in the world. They are very fast units that quickly can close in on an enemy and destroy them. This makes them ideally suited for quickly destroying enemy mages and other units that need to build up their power before they reach full strength.

The champion is not very good at spotting stealth units and can easily fall prey to assassins, nightblades and saboteurs . He can also fall prey to well organized attacks from several units at the same time. There is very few units that can stand their ground against this unit unless they are able to surprised them or kill them from afar.


The Paladins are divine warriors that always fight for the light protecting the weak. They stands as the last defense against darkness. The paladin wears heavy armor, a sword and a shield. The shield is used both for defense and as a weapon. The paladin is an expert in using his shield to block attacks and open the enemy up for devastating counter attacks. The paladin can use a number of patron gods to bless and heal their allies. A blessing from a paladin can dramatically increase the defensive capabilities of a unit.

The Paladin is a slow unit due to its heavy weapons, shield and armor. The unit is vulnerable to distance attacks since they are unable to quickly close the distance to the attacker. They are also vulnerable to magic attacks to which their shields does not offer any protection.

The paladin is easy to play and a good beginner unit for new players.


mage2The Paragon is an extremely fast unit that can move quickly on the battle field to destroy enemy groups before they are ever able to get into formation. They can build up power to use for power attacks. Their regular attacks are also strong and can quickly destroy an enemy.

They are fast warriors that wield a two handed weapon to do maximum damage. Their speed allows them to quick get in close to the enemy which makes them the nemesis of distance units. The paragon are able to hand out a very consistent amount of damage without the need for recharging their energy or building up their power. The paragon are capable of distance attacks.

They are weak against burst magic and strong healing units.


The reaver can use almost any weapon including range weapons. They are however most useful when given heavy gear, heavy armor and heavy weapons. Reaver makes it hard for the enemy to fight back and quickly grinds down their health.

They are trained to use the entropic energies of death and their weapons are lazed with poison and spells. A single cut can cause disease, insanity and even death. Units hit by a reavers weapons will keep losing energy to these effects even after they got struck. Their initial attacks are weaker than that of many other warriors but the effects from a strike is very damaging over time. They are very good at weakening and confusing enemies.

Their attacks is weak and it takes some time for them to kill an enemy. This makes them weak against strong melee units that are able to get close.


The riftblades are warriors that have added elemental magic to their fighting style. They are able to toss lighting bolts and a number of other high power strikes. The use of magic make the riftblade a stronger range unit than the other warriors. The trade off to this is that they are not as strong or skilled as other types of warriors. They need to train in magic and fighting. Most other warriors focus all their energy on learn to fight. They do not need spend time on magic training. The elemental powers of the riftblade is very strong against other armored unit due to the fact that armor does not provide any protection against their charged magical attacks. Their magic is weak against magic defense.

They Riftbalde has a lot poorer defensive qualities than other warriors and can easily be defeated by other warriors in hand to hand combat. They are also easily defeated by organized attacks.

Void Knight

The void knight is a type of warrior that focus on defensive strength. They use Eldritch technique to be able to counter most magical attacks. A void knight can easily withstand attacks that would kill most other warriors. They are not immune to magic attacks but they do have a very high resistance to them. The void knight reflects the majority of all magical attacks back on the caster. This makes attacking a void knight with a magic attack a very dangerous proposition.

The void knight becomes stronger with every magic attackĀ  he absorbs. They are a terrifying enemy for all spell casting classes. Regular units that do not use magic has little to fear from the void knight and can attack them with their weapons without activating their magical defenses. The void knight is still a strong warrior and you should only attack them in hand to hand combat if you are playing as a strong melee unit.


The warlord is a supportive unit that is best used in a group. They are not very good units in themselves. The warlord is able to inspire all nearby allies to become stronger and fight harder. They also have a demotivating effect on the enemy units weakening them and making them an easy prey for his strengthened allies. The warlord is weak when separated from his allies.


The Tempest are long distance warriors that uses bolts and other ranged attacks to attack from a long distance. They are the strongest burst magic units in the game. They need to have enough power to be able to use their bolts.

They are best used in groups. They are weak when facing an opponent one on one that has been able to get up close. It is hard ti be able to power up quickly enough when the unit is alone. It needs to protection of allies to be able recharge their power before they trow more bolts.


The liberator is a unique warrior that focus on healing. They originate on the earth plane and use leylines and magnetic fields to beam the healing to the units that needs it. It can provide powerful sustained healing to an ally that is in a intense battle. They can also heal entire groups at once. The sustained healing can be very beneficial when your group want to defeat a strong opponents. The healing can make a melee warrior a much more formidable foe as they are able to heal as they are decimating the enemy forces in hand to hand combat. The liberator is a support unit that is weak on its own. They are easily killed in melee combat.