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Rifthead was created with the purpose of providing RIFT players with tools to make their gameplay more enjoyable.

New and exciting features are continuously added in order to stay ahead as the leading RIFT information website. We are constantly striving to improve the site, and there are always lots of new features in the works! We'd love to know what you think, so if there's something you'd like to see implemented on the site be sure to contact us!

Full Featured Database

Our database is everything you'd expect: from Quests to Mobs, Recipes, to Abilities, we've got it. Other hightlights include:

Planar Attunement Calculator

Our Planar Attunement Calculator lets you play around with the trees of all four callings. Wonder what the Air tree for mages looks like? Want to know which abilities are available in the Earth tree for warriors? Using our calculator, you can now explore all of your post-50 leveling options before making your final choice in-game! And just like our Soul Tree Calculator, you can link to your build to share it with friends and other players. Our PAC also includes:

  • A listing of all stat increases gained by Planar Attunement.
  • The ability to lock your build when you're happy with it and unlock it later.
  • Links to your Attunement build presented in several handy formats.
  • The ability to reset your entire build or reset individual planes.

And of course we will keep the PAC up to date as Trion adds more Planar Attunements to the game!

Soul Tree Calculator

How do your souls work together? Should you put points into Assassin or Tactician first? Rifthead's Soul Tree Calculator lets you design, save and share Soul Builds! You can try all possible Soul combinations without being restricted by your character's level or current calling.

  • Lock a build once you've got it just right.
  • Link your builds anywhere on the internet!
  • Reset as often as you like without penalty.
  • View and rate other players' builds. and check out the top builds!

External Site Tooltips

If you'd like to have fancy Rifthead tooltips on your site, it's never been easier! Just incorporate our External Tooltip Code.