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King's Breach

Take the path west of the Spice Road between Granite Watch and Perspice. There is a small dirt track leading through hostile elven mobs towards a cave entrance on the far west side of the map, just south of Auld Waren.


A clash of elements

Scarwood Reach is divided by two opposed elements, ravaged by rifts, and fought over fiercely by spawn of the elements. In the north, Death Rifts spew forth flesh-crafted horrors and turn the land to barren dust. In the south, the Elves of House Aelfwar have spread the surreal jungles of the Life Rifts. These two invading forces meet in battle at King?s Breach, which legends say serves as a back door to the sealed Dwarven delve of Lord?s Hall.

None know the true location of the hidden passage, or if it even exists, but that does not stop the Endless Court and House Aelfwar from fighting jagged tooth and rotting nail for every square inch around the supposed entry. Ascended who come to assault these two cults will find an army of Life Cultists besieging a fortified Deathtouched position.

Death and Life at war

Perhaps no two elements are opposed like Life and Death, and both factions have brought their mightiest minions to the battle at King?s Breach. Heroes seeking to protect this passage must first fight through the Aelfwar siege. Hunter Suleng of the Aelfwar is under direct orders from Prince Hylas to break down the Endless Court?s barricade, overrun the Deathtouched expedition, and find the way into King?s Breach.

To that end, Suleng has brought dozens of fanatical cultists, including three Lifewardens who stand a perpetual watch atop the stumps of enormous trees, channeling magic to hold open a Life Rift. From this rift have come packs of dire wolves, and worse, forest trolls, who patrol the Aelfwar encampment, ready to feast on interlopers.

Heroes who best Hunter Suleng and his followers must do what the cultists could not and breach the Endless Court?s defenses. There they will find knights of Regulos, clad head to toe in black plate. Gaunt ghoul-hounds prowl and drakes fly over the deflated hills. The people of Scarwood Reach claim to have seen manticores soaring toward the Breach. Even the mighty Ascended may hesitate to engage such Deathtouched horrors.

What could tempt the Endless and the Aelfwar?

Canny Ascended will quickly realize that two dragon cults at odds present a ripe opportunity. Just as the cults exploit the conflict between the Guardians and Defiant, so could a small party of heroes exploit the siege to strike a blow against both Life and Death.

The Endless Court has long sought the entry to Lord?s Hall, saturating the area with Death magic. The Ascended must stifle this volatile energy before it spreads necrosis across all Scarwood.

The siege at King?s Breach also stands as proof of the Elves? desperation and depravity, as they seek to expand Greenscale?s holdings even against the slaves of mighty Regulos. They have poured extensive resources into this conflict with the Endless Court, and breaking their siege could set their plans back all across Telara.


139 items found (50 displayed) – Try filtering your results
NameRequired LevelSlotType
Antiquated Basilisk Skin Boots
50FeetLeather Armor
Antiquated Buried Dead Wand
50RangedEarth Wand
Antiquated Deep Horror Shoulders
50ShouldersLeather Armor
Antiquated Fae-gold Choker
Antiquated Lion Tamer
Antiquated Living Twig Wand
50RangedLife Wand
Antiquated Nightmare Pauldrons
50ShouldersPlate Armor
Antiquated Oath Keeper
Antiquated Ravager Mail Shoulders
50ShouldersChain Armor
Antiquated Ring of the Void
Antiquated Shade Bane
50One HandSword
Antiquated Shadehorror Mantle
50ShouldersCloth Armor
Antiquated Trousers of the Hunt
50LegsLeather Armor
Antiquated Yellow Diamond Signet
Basilisk Skin Boots
50FeetLeather Armor
Buried Dead Wand
50RangedEarth Wand
Corrupted Soul
Deep Horror Shoulders
50ShouldersLeather Armor
Fae-gold Choker
Lion Tamer
Living Twig Wand
50RangedLife Wand
Nightmare Pauldrons
50ShouldersPlate Armor
Oath Keeper
Ravager Mail Shoulders
50ShouldersChain Armor
Recipe: Conditioned Leather Jerkin
Ring of the Void
Shade Bane
50One HandSword
Shadehorror Mantle
50ShouldersCloth Armor
Spine Flower
Trousers of the Hunt
50LegsLeather Armor
Yellow Diamond Signet
Book of the God Prison
InventoryQuest Item
Aelfwar Handguards
33GlovesChain Armor
Amulet of Ambition
Antiquated Basilisk Eye Totem
50Off HandTotem
Antiquated Beast Crusher
Antiquated Belt of a Sunless Sky
50BeltChain Armor
Antiquated Dagger Teeth Necklace
Antiquated Dark Step Boots
50FeetLeather Armor
Antiquated Death's Reach
Antiquated Endless Blade
50Two-HandedTwo-Handed Sword
Antiquated Lich-skin Jerkin
50ChestLeather Armor
Antiquated Life Seed Necklace
Antiquated Night Oil Leggings
50LegsLeather Armor
Antiquated Reaper's Touch
50RangedAir Wand
Antiquated Royal Ruby Charm
50Off HandTotem
Antiquated Shadow Cloth Robes
50ChestCloth Armor
Antiquated Soul Etched Leggings
50LegsCloth Armor
Antiquated Undying Breeches
50LegsChain Armor
Antiquated Wall of Thorns
50Off HandShield
81 npcs found (50 displayed) – Try filtering your results
12th Guard Flamecaster
<Sanctuary Guard>
34GuardianKing's BreachKing's BreachDungeon Normal
12th Guard Soldier
<Sanctuary Guard>
34NeutralKing's BreachKing's BreachDungeon Swarm
12th Guard Soldier
<Sanctuary Guard>
34GuardianKing's BreachKing's BreachDungeon Swarm
Abhorrent Centurion52NeutralKing's BreachKing's BreachDungeon Lieutenant
Abhorrent Centurion35NeutralKing's BreachKing's BreachDungeon Lieutenant
Abhorrent Magus52NeutralKing's BreachKing's BreachDungeon Normal
Abhorrent Magus35NeutralKing's BreachKing's BreachDungeon Normal
Aria35NeutralDeathKing's BreachKing's BreachDungeon Lieutenant
Aria35NeutralDeathKing's BreachKing's BreachDungeon Lieutenant
Asha Catari51NeutralKing's BreachKing's BreachRaid 10 Boss - Outdoor
Breach Lurker35NeutralKing's BreachKing's BreachDungeon Normal
Breach Lurker52NeutralKing's BreachKing's BreachDungeon Normal
Corpse Crawler35NeutralKing's BreachKing's BreachDungeon Swarm
Corpse Crawler52NeutralKing's BreachKing's BreachDungeon Swarm
Darkfang Thresher52NeutralKing's BreachKing's BreachDungeon Lieutenant
Darkfang Thresher35NeutralKing's BreachKing's BreachDungeon Lieutenant
Darkmoon Grimlord
<Eldritch Vanguard>
34DefiantKing's BreachKing's BreachDungeon Normal
Darkmoon Shadowblade
<Eldritch Vanguard>
34DefiantKing's BreachKing's BreachDungeon Swarm
Darkscale Outcast52NeutralKing's BreachKing's BreachDungeon Normal
Darkscale Outcast35NeutralKing's BreachKing's BreachDungeon Normal
Death Beacon35NeutralKing's BreachKing's BreachDungeon Lieutenant
Death Beacon52NeutralKing's BreachKing's BreachDungeon Lieutenant
Doomed Villager40NeutralKing's BreachBreach ChamberElite Named
Doomed Villager40NeutralKing's BreachBreach ChamberElite Named
Ethereal Warhound52NeutralLifeKing's BreachKing's BreachDungeon Normal
Ethereal Warhound35NeutralLifeKing's BreachKing's BreachDungeon Swarm
Fiendish Scavenger35NeutralKing's BreachKing's BreachDungeon Normal
Fiendish Scavenger35NeutralKing's BreachKing's BreachDungeon Normal
Fiendish Scavenger52NeutralKing's BreachKing's BreachDungeon Normal
Fierce Blightskin52NeutralKing's BreachKing's BreachDungeon Lieutenant
Fierce Blightskin35NeutralKing's BreachKing's BreachDungeon Lieutenant
Flesheater Autoch35NeutralKing's BreachKing's BreachDungeon Boss
Flesheater Autoch52NeutralKing's BreachKing's BreachDungeon Boss
Galenir47NeutralKing's BreachKing's BreachElite
Heart of Regulos52NeutralKing's BreachKing's BreachDungeon Lieutenant
Hunter Suleng52NeutralKing's BreachKing's BreachDungeon Boss
Hunter Suleng35NeutralKing's BreachKing's BreachDungeon Boss
Jadescale Confessor35NeutralKing's BreachKing's BreachDungeon Normal
Jadescale Confessor52NeutralKing's BreachKing's BreachDungeon Normal
Jadescale Direscout52NeutralKing's BreachKing's BreachDungeon Normal
Jadescale Direscout35NeutralKing's BreachKing's BreachDungeon Normal
Jadescale Lifewarden52NeutralKing's BreachKing's BreachDungeon Normal
Jadescale Lifewarden35NeutralKing's BreachKing's BreachDungeon Normal
Jadescale Planewitch35NeutralKing's BreachKing's BreachDungeon Normal
Jadescale Planewitch52NeutralKing's BreachKing's BreachDungeon Normal
Jadescale Purifier52NeutralKing's BreachKing's BreachDungeon Normal
Jadescale Purifier35NeutralKing's BreachKing's BreachDungeon Normal
Jadescale Riftwalker35NeutralKing's BreachKing's BreachDungeon Normal
Jadescale Riftwalker52NeutralKing's BreachKing's BreachDungeon Normal
Jadescale Twinblade35NeutralKing's BreachKing's BreachDungeon Normal
10 achievements found
Achiever: King's Breach
Complete all King's Breach achievements listed below.
Dungeons, King's Breach
Conqueror: King's Breach
Complete all of the King's Breach achievements listed below.
Dungeons, King's Breach
Divide and Conquer
Defeat Shadehorror Phantasm without the Wounding Shades gaining any stacks of Impending Darkness on expert difficulty.
Dungeons, King's Breach
Dogs of War
Defeat Hunter Suleng with 5 or more Ethereal Warhounds still alive on expert difficulty.
Dungeons, King's Breach
Expert: King's Breach
Defeat the bosses of King's Breach on expert difficulty level.
Dungeons, King's Breach
King's Breach
Defeat all of the bosses in King's Breach.
Dungeons, King's Breach
Manticore Corpses
On two separate visits, defeat the manticores leaving each member listed below as the last one alive on expert difficulty.
Dungeons, King's Breach
Rapid Assault: King's Breach
Defeat all King's Breach bosses on expert difficulty within 35 minutes of first combat.
Dungeons, King's Breach
Defeat Konstantin without being impaled by any spikes or dying on expert difficulty.
Dungeons, King's Breach
Tail Shake
Defeat Ravalos without any party member being hit by Tail Lash or dying on expert difficulty.
Dungeons, King's Breach
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By delindsay90210 at 2011-04-19 23:07:42
An interesting note I was able to walk into the instance and received the achievement for discovering King's Breach at level 20.
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