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Entrance to Runic Descent


Runic Descent

The Runic Descent instance portal is located in the Moonshade Highlands area at (6233, 1365). Please note it is guarded by two level 35 elites.


The tainted glade

The influence of Regulos is insidious, capable of overt displays such as zombies and ghouls, and subtle corruption such as befell the delve of Hammerknell and its adjacent garden now called Runic Descent, in Moonshade.

Hammerknell is sealed. The kings under the mountain built their city with runebinding, enslaving Death spirits and the souls of unfortunate mortals to power their wondrous magic. All was splendor until the rifts opened and the runes fueling Hammerknell overflowed with Death magic. Necrotic energies swept through the delve, possessing many Dwarves, killing many more. Only those few who made it out of the city survived, trapping the dead and damned behind doors as thick as a city boulevard. They hoped such measures would keep the Death magics from contaminating the world beyond their lost city.

They hoped in vain.

To glorify their city in its heyday, the Dwarves had planted a magnificent garden in a ravine beside Hammerknell. Too late, they remembered that the garden had runebound paths that would repair themselves, runebound watering cans and shears that maintained the garden of their own accord. Like the runes within Hammerknell, these sucked in Death magic from the rifts like a sponge. Anyone foolish enough to be enticed by the garden?s lingering beauty has fallen to the power of Regulos.

Twisted wretches

After the Dwarves left, a group of Faeries tried to settle in Runic Descent. Fleeing from the upheavals in Greenscale?s service, these refugees saw a pristine garden in a defensible valley and made a home amid the gem-toned leaves.

The wicked magic of Regulos corrupted the Fae before they even reached Runic Descent, and now they find themselves transfixed by a desperate desire to be at one with their new patron. Like mice hypnotized by a swaying cobra, neither lowly sprite nor towering treant can escape the Death energies spewing from the ancient runes.

To make matters worse, not every Dwarf accepted the need to abandon Hammerknell. Warden Falidor has led a contingent of rune-crafters back inside, hoping to solve a runebinding disaster with yet more runebinding. Naturally, he and all his followers have gone quite mad, and will assist the Endless Court in slaughtering any interlopers who intrude on their doomed experiment. Supported by golems with steel bodies and iron wills, the denizens of Runic Descent are all but impossible to dislodge from their toxic den.

Devourer?s defiance

Runic Descent must be cleared of riftspawn if Telara is to survive. Deathtouch brings slow corruption as easily as devastation, eroding Telara?s very will to endure. In Runic Descent, the branches no longer blow in the breeze, and the air itself is stagnant. Regulos?s power extends over the beautiful and the hideous alike, and if Runic Descent is not cleansed, no one will believe that the Destroyer?s power can be assailed.

Before the rifts, Hammerknell owed much of its prosperity to secret Death magic. Even if Aedraxis had not worked his horrors, Regulos could have used the Dwarven delve to trigger a different disaster. Hammerknell remains a looming threat where the Destroyer could anchor himself in Telara. Every bit of Death magic aids Regulos, so the Ascended must destroy the corruption at Runic Descent, if only to limit his avenues of escape to the seemingly numberless rifts.


130 items found (50 displayed) – Try filtering your results
NameRequired LevelSlotType
Ancient Mechanic's Trousers
50LegsLeather Armor
Bane of the Champions
Blackheart Blade
50One HandDagger
Corrupted Chain Spaulders
50ShouldersChain Armor
Corrupted Lightning Wand
50RangedAir Wand
Corrupted Soul
Cover of Night
50HelmetLeather Armor
Crown of the Former King
50HelmetChain Armor
Death's Edge
50One HandDagger
Gleaming Fae Ring
Heartwood Band
Loop of the Dangerous
Lost Favor
Recipe: Bound-Flame Ring
Recipe: Incandescent Savvy Runeshard
Recipe: Legendary Philter of Power
Reinforced Mechanic's Shoulder Guard
50ShouldersLeather Armor
Rune-Carved Bow
Runeshard Necklace
Shard of Planes
Tome of Ancient Runes
50Off HandTotem
Twisted Dirk of the Arcane
50One HandDagger
Uncorrupted Ruby Ring
Binding Gust
Fire Breath
Gentle Rain
Stanig's Flanged Mace
InventoryQuest Item
Stanig's Shield
InventoryQuest Item
Tough Silken Cloth
InventoryQuest Item
Vessel of Estrode Shards
InventoryQuest Item
Barkscale Leggings
50LegsChain Armor
Barkskin Leggings
50LegsChain Armor
Battlemaster's Tarnished Chain
Binder's Shoulderpads
50ShouldersCloth Armor
Combatant's Battle Axe of the Sinister
38One HandAxe
Combatant's Cuirass of Fortune
38ChestPlate Armor
Combatant's Cuirass of the Defender
38ChestPlate Armor
Combatant's Cuirass of the Warfront
38ChestPlate Armor
Combatant's Dagger of the Sinister
38One HandDagger
Combatant's Dagger of the Stalwart
38One HandDagger
Combatant's Great Axe of Fortune
38Two-HandedTwo-Handed Axe
Combatant's Great Sword of the Stalwart
38One HandSword
Combatant's Halberd of the Warfront
Combatant's Mace of Fortune
38One HandMace
Combatant's Mace of the Sinister
38One HandMace
Corrupted Fae Neckguard
Deathtouched Spellblade
38One HandDagger
93 npcs found (50 displayed) – Try filtering your results
Alsbeth the Discordant52NeutralRunic DescentRunic DescentDungeon Boss
Arctic Revenant52NeutralDeathRunic DescentRunic DescentDungeon Normal
Asha Catari40NeutralLifeRunic DescentRunic DescentElite Named
Ashen Blooddancer40NeutralDeathRunic DescentRunic DescentDungeon Normal
Ashen Blooddancer52NeutralDeathRunic DescentRunic DescentDungeon Normal
Ashen Darkaxe52NeutralDeathRunic DescentRunic DescentDungeon Normal
Ashen Darkaxe40NeutralDeathRunic DescentRunic DescentDungeon Normal
Ashen Duskblade52NeutralDeathRunic DescentRunic DescentDungeon Normal
Ashen Duskblade40NeutralDeathRunic DescentRunic DescentDungeon Normal
Ashen Fellhammer40NeutralDeathRunic DescentRunic DescentDungeon Normal
Ashen Fellhammer52NeutralDeathRunic DescentRunic DescentDungeon Normal
Ashen Stoneguard40NeutralDeathRunic DescentRunic DescentDungeon Normal
Ashen Stoneguard52NeutralDeathRunic DescentRunic DescentDungeon Normal
Atrophinius the Fallen52NeutralDeathRunic DescentRunic DescentDungeon Boss
Baleful Deadhand40NeutralDeathRunic DescentRunic DescentDungeon Normal
Baleful Deadhand52NeutralDeathRunic DescentRunic DescentDungeon Normal
Baleful Runesword52NeutralDeathRunic DescentRunic DescentDungeon Normal
Baleful Runesword40NeutralDeathRunic DescentRunic DescentDungeon Normal
Baleful Shademouth52NeutralDeathRunic DescentRunic DescentDungeon Normal
Baleful Shademouth40NeutralDeathRunic DescentRunic DescentDungeon Normal
Barkoth52NeutralLifeRunic DescentRunic DescentDungeon Boss
Bleak Diretongue40NeutralRunic DescentRunic DescentNormal Solo
Bleak Diretongue40NeutralRunic DescentRunic DescentNormal Solo
Borrin Gammult51NeutralRunic DescentRunic DescentElite Named
Brother Damon40NeutralRunic DescentRunic DescentDungeon Lieutenant
Captured Soul52NeutralRunic DescentRunic DescentDungeon Swarm
Corrupt Slopjaw52NeutralDeathRunic DescentRunic DescentDungeon Swarm
Corrupt Slopjaw40NeutralDeathRunic DescentRunic DescentDungeon Swarm
Dark Heart Miscreant52NeutralDeathRunic DescentRunic DescentDungeon Normal
Dark Heart Reaper52NeutralDeathRunic DescentRunic DescentDungeon Normal
Death Shard Tower52NeutralRunic DescentRunic DescentDungeon Lieutenant
Death Shard Tower40NeutralRunic DescentRunic DescentDungeon Lieutenant
Defiant Corpsemaster40DefiantRunic DescentRunic DescentDungeon Normal
Defiant Rotblade40DefiantRunic DescentRunic DescentDungeon Swarm
Deranged Faewitch40NeutralDeathRunic DescentRunic DescentDungeon Normal
Deranged Faewitch52NeutralDeathRunic DescentRunic DescentDungeon Normal
Deranged Shadowblight40NeutralDeathRunic DescentRunic DescentDungeon Normal
Deranged Shadowblight52NeutralDeathRunic DescentRunic DescentDungeon Normal
Deranged Woundcast52NeutralDeathRunic DescentRunic DescentDungeon Normal
Deranged Woundcast40NeutralDeathRunic DescentRunic DescentDungeon Normal
Eliam the Corrupted52NeutralDeathRunic DescentRunic DescentDungeon Boss
Eternal Lackey52NeutralDeathRunic DescentRunic DescentDungeon Lieutenant
Fetid Slopjaw52NeutralDeathRunic DescentRunic DescentDungeon Swarm
Fire Crystal Target52NeutralRunic DescentRunic DescentDungeon Normal
Fluttering Faewitch52NeutralDeathRunic DescentRunic DescentDungeon Swarm
Frenzied Squirrel52NeutralDeathRunic DescentRunic DescentDungeon Swarm
Gorodon52NeutralLifeRunic DescentRunic DescentDungeon Boss
Grasping Death52NeutralDeathRunic DescentRunic DescentDungeon Normal
Grave Bog Knave52NeutralDeathRunic DescentRunic DescentDungeon Normal
Guardian Firecast40NeutralRunic DescentRunic DescentDungeon Normal
11 achievements found
Achiever: Runic Descent
Complete all Runic Descent achievements listed below.
Dungeons, Runic Descent
Avoiding Death's Grasp
Defeat Eliam the Corrupted without any player being gripped by another player's Torment on expert difficulty.
Dungeons, Runic Descent
Blinding Light
Defeat Eliam the Corrupted without any player becoming affected by Blinding Darkness on expert difficulty.
Dungeons, Runic Descent
Blossom Bombs
Defeat Wormwood without any party member taking any damage from a Rotting Blossom on expert difficulty.
Dungeons, Runic Descent
Conqueror: Runic Descent
Complete all of the Runic Descent achievements listed below.
Dungeons, Runic Descent
Expert: Runic Descent
Defeat the bosses of Runic Descent on expert difficulty level.
Dungeons, Runic Descent
Keep Cleansing
Defeat Rictus without any party member taking every tick of damage of Rotting Flesh on expert difficulty.
Dungeons, Runic Descent
Mourning Song
Defeat Atrophinius the Fallen without killing any Eternal Lackeys on expert difficulty.
Dungeons, Runic Descent
Rapid Assault: Runic Descent
Defeat all Runic Descent bosses on expert difficulty within 40 minutes of first combat.
Dungeons, Runic Descent
Defeat Warden Falidor without any party member damaging the boss while his Glacial Shield is active on expert difficulty.
Dungeons, Runic Descent
Runic Descent
Defeat all of the bosses in Runic Descent.
Dungeons, Runic Descent
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