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Abyssal Precipice


The brink of the void

The highest spires of Iron Pine Peak are rightly called the roof of Telara, snow-capped giants from whose shoulders climbers could once look out upon the whole world. Today, these lofty peaks overlook a swirling storm of sleet and snow, as if hovering over an endless void. Over the abyss.

This vista chills the blood of bold explorers, while encouraging the mountain?s new full-time occupants to redouble their wicked efforts. These cultists of Akylios find the seemingly bottomless expanse almost comforting, a reminder that if their schemes in Iron Pine are successful, all of Telara will be swallowed in cold, roiling chaos for them to rule over.

The Abyssal have made camp in these mountains, seeking to awaken an ancient horror. This cephalon, a loyal servitor of Akylios during the Age of Dragons, knows where the Profane One is imprisoned. The Abyssal must not wake the cephalon, lest his secrets help free the maddest of dragons.

Cold like the crushing depths

Cultists of Akylios make camp throughout the Abyssal Precipice, manning eldritch machines meant to pinpoint and draw out the spirit of the banished cephalon. They have planted seacaps in the snow around their camps, and the vicious little crustaceans pounce on any intruders who draw near the cultists? sensitive equipment. Furthermore, water elementals patrol the cliffs, large enough to drown a full-grown Bahmi in their flowing bulk.

As they race to stop the Abyssal ritual, heroes must plunge into icy caverns teeming with juvenile Deep Ones. What they lack in the adults? tremendous size, these young make up for in ferocity and numbers, and their claws can tear clean through plate armor. Siltreavers also lair in these caves?hungry tentacled horrors who lurk under the snow, ready to drag adventurers into madness and death.

For a chance to free Akylios, the Abyssal have brought their two most loyal enforcers. These cultists command liquid in any form: One blends water magic with the frost of Iron Pine to summon up deadly spikes and blasts of ice, while the other can manipulate the very blood in his enemy?s veins. Both of these villains must be overcome to find the leader of the Abyssal before he can unleash the cephalon amid the cold peaks.

Stem the tide of madness
It is in all Telara?s best interest that the Abyssal fail to summon Akylios?s cephalon advisor. Not only is this being ancient and horrible in its own right, it is rumored to know the location of its master?s prison. Akylios?s madness transcends mortal understanding, and if Telara is to survive, he must remain chained.

The Faceless Man, who spearheads the Defiant?s more clandestine operations, bids his fellows to claim a book of horrid spells integral to the Abyssal summoning efforts. Once an Abyssal himself, he seeks the book?s secrets to stop his former comrades from unmaking the world. The Guardians would rather destroy the book than trust him, or any Defiant, with such twisted magic.

Keeping forbidden lore from their enemies is just one reason Guardians would assault the Abyssal Precipice. According to legend, the sword of Thedeor himself stands on one of the cliffs. No one knows for sure whether this oversized blade belongs to the war god, but Guardians who have seen the weapon claim it filled their spirits with holy light. If so, all Guardians should strive to make this pilgrimage, for a true vision of righteousness is precious in a world where madmen wake slavering nightmares.


125 items found (50 displayed) – Try filtering your results
NameRequired LevelSlotType
Abyssal Blunderbuss
Abyssal Diamond Ring
Abyssal Hatchet
50One HandAxe
Abyssal Musket
Abyssal Pendant
Ancient Stormbound Battle-Axe
50One HandAxe
Andrenos's Signet
Bloodwalker's Girdle
48BeltChain Armor
Bloodwalker's Signet
Corrupted Soul
Glob of Crystallized Blood
Griffon Hide Gloves
50GlovesLeather Armor
Icerot Stave
Insanity Sliver
Kaler's Copper Band of Fortitude
Kaler's Shortbow
Mace of Frozen Power
Majolic's Bloodied Stiletto
50One HandDagger
Minor Catalyst
Recipe: Incandescent Indomitable Runeshard
Recipe: Legendary Bottle of Critical Strikes
Recipe: Night Iron Sabatons
Tidal Deepcleaver
50One HandAxe
Tide Lord's Cuirass
48ChestPlate Armor
Unnatural Legguards
50LegsLeather Armor
Yeti Fur Lined Sabatons
50FeetPlate Armor
Abyssal Notebook
InventoryQuest Item
Exquisite Cloth
InventoryQuest Item
Wanton Maw Treaty Document
InventoryQuest Item
Abyssal Researcher's Relic
50Off HandTotem
Abyssal-Lord's Crest
48Off HandShield
Ascendant Battle Axe of the Warfront
48One HandAxe
Ascendant Bow of the Defender
Ascendant Bow of the Tenacious
Ascendant Cuirass of the Defender
48ChestPlate Armor
Ascendant Dagger of the Defender
48One HandDagger
Ascendant Dagger of the Mythical
48One HandDagger
Ascendant Hauberk of the Anointed
48ChestChain Armor
Ascendant Hauberk of the Devout
48ChestChain Armor
Ascendant Hexing Stick of the Devout
48RangedAir Wand
Ascendant Hexing Stick of the Mythical
48RangedAir Wand
Ascendant Pike of Fortune
Ascendant Rifle of the Stalwart
Ascendant Rifle of the Tenacious
Ascendant Rifle of the Warfront
Ascendant Robe of the Mythical
48ChestCloth Armor
Ascendant Robe of the Sovereign
48ChestCloth Armor
Ascendant Staff of the Sovereign
Ascendant Sword of the Defender
48One HandSword
Ascendant Sword of the Mythical
48One HandSword
66 npcs found (50 displayed) – Try filtering your results
Abyssal Scryer52NeutralAbyssal PrecipiceAbyssal PrecipiceNormal Solo
Abyssal Scryer50NeutralAbyssal PrecipiceAbyssal PrecipiceNormal Solo
<Cabalist of the Vigil>
50DefiantAbyssal PrecipiceAbyssal PrecipiceNormal Solo
Anara Twinblade50NeutralAbyssal PrecipiceAbyssal PrecipiceDungeon Normal
Athaniel Basklight50NeutralAbyssal PrecipiceAbyssal PrecipiceDungeon Normal
Blood Crystal52NeutralAbyssal PrecipiceAbyssal PrecipiceDungeon Normal
Blood Crystal50NeutralAbyssal PrecipiceAbyssal PrecipiceDungeon Normal
Boralt Fellhammer50NeutralAbyssal PrecipiceAbyssal PrecipiceDungeon Normal
Calyx the Ancient52NeutralAbyssal PrecipiceAbyssal PrecipiceDungeon Boss
Calyx the Ancient50NeutralAbyssal PrecipiceAbyssal PrecipiceDungeon Boss
Coldscale Serpent52NeutralAbyssal PrecipiceAbyssal PrecipiceDungeon Lieutenant
Coldscale Serpent50NeutralAbyssal PrecipiceAbyssal PrecipiceDungeon Lieutenant
Coldshell Pincer52NeutralAbyssal PrecipiceAbyssal PrecipiceDungeon Normal
Coldshell Pincer50NeutralAbyssal PrecipiceAbyssal PrecipiceDungeon Normal
Darksnarl Ravager50NeutralAbyssal PrecipiceAbyssal PrecipiceDungeon Normal
Darksnarl Ravager52NeutralAbyssal PrecipiceAbyssal PrecipiceDungeon Normal
Deadwater Acolyte50NeutralAbyssal PrecipiceAbyssal PrecipiceDungeon Normal
Deadwater Acolyte52NeutralAbyssal PrecipiceAbyssal PrecipiceDungeon Normal
Deadwater Blessed50NeutralWaterAbyssal PrecipiceAbyssal PrecipiceDungeon Lieutenant
Deadwater Construct50NeutralWaterAbyssal PrecipiceAbyssal PrecipiceDungeon Lieutenant
Deadwater Keeper52NeutralAbyssal PrecipiceAbyssal PrecipiceDungeon Normal
Deadwater Keeper50NeutralAbyssal PrecipiceAbyssal PrecipiceDungeon Normal
Deadwater Necromancer50NeutralAbyssal PrecipiceAbyssal PrecipiceDungeon Normal
Deadwater Necromancer52NeutralAbyssal PrecipiceAbyssal PrecipiceDungeon Normal
Deadwater Siren50NeutralAbyssal PrecipiceAbyssal PrecipiceDungeon Normal
Deadwater Siren52NeutralAbyssal PrecipiceAbyssal PrecipiceDungeon Normal
Deadwater Soulbinder52NeutralAbyssal PrecipiceAbyssal PrecipiceDungeon Normal
Deadwater Soulbinder50NeutralAbyssal PrecipiceAbyssal PrecipiceDungeon Normal
Deadwater Warblade52NeutralAbyssal PrecipiceAbyssal PrecipiceDungeon Normal
Deadwater Warblade50NeutralAbyssal PrecipiceAbyssal PrecipiceDungeon Normal
Deepfathom Core52NeutralAbyssal PrecipiceAbyssal PrecipiceDungeon Normal
Drunkel Purefire50NeutralAbyssal PrecipiceAbyssal PrecipiceDungeon Normal
<The Hero Slayer>
50NeutralAbyssal PrecipiceAbyssal PrecipiceDungeon Lieutenant
Emissary of Laethys52NeutralAbyssal PrecipiceAbyssal PrecipiceDungeon Lieutenant
Emissary of Maelforge52NeutralAbyssal PrecipiceAbyssal PrecipiceDungeon Lieutenant
Emissary of Maelforge52NeutralAbyssal PrecipiceAbyssal PrecipiceDungeon Lieutenant
Faceless Man
<Master of The Unseen>
50NeutralAbyssal PrecipiceAbyssal PrecipiceNormal Solo
Faceless Man
<Master of The Unseen>
50NeutralAbyssal PrecipiceAbyssal PrecipiceNormal Solo
Falconer Landrac52NeutralAbyssal PrecipiceAbyssal PrecipiceDungeon Boss
Fledgling Aquila52NeutralAbyssal PrecipiceAbyssal PrecipiceDungeon Swarm
Frozen Riptide52NeutralAbyssal PrecipiceAbyssal PrecipiceDungeon Lieutenant
Frozen Riptide50NeutralAbyssal PrecipiceAbyssal PrecipiceDungeon Lieutenant
Iceclaw Scuttler50NeutralAbyssal PrecipiceAbyssal PrecipiceDungeon Swarm
Iceclaw Scuttler52NeutralAbyssal PrecipiceAbyssal PrecipiceDungeon Swarm
Icetalon52NeutralAbyssal PrecipiceAbyssal PrecipiceDungeon Boss
Jornaru52NeutralWaterAbyssal PrecipiceAbyssal PrecipiceDungeon Lieutenant
Jornaru50NeutralWaterAbyssal PrecipiceAbyssal PrecipiceDungeon Lieutenant
Kaler Andrenos50NeutralAbyssal PrecipiceAbyssal PrecipiceDungeon Boss
Kaler Andrenos52NeutralAbyssal PrecipiceAbyssal PrecipiceDungeon Boss
Magnus Lucklum
<Pilgrim of the Vigil>
50DefiantAbyssal PrecipiceAbyssal PrecipiceNormal Solo
11 achievements found
Abyssal Precipice
Defeat all of the bosses in Abyssal Precipice.
Dungeons, Abyssal Precipice
Achiever: Abyssal Precipice
Complete all Abyssal Precipice achievements listed below.
Dungeons, Abyssal Precipice
Conqueror: Abyssal Precipice
Complete all of the Abyssal Precipice achievements listed below.
Dungeons, Abyssal Precipice
Expert: Abyssal Precipice
Defeat the bosses of Abyssal Precipice on expert difficulty level.
Dungeons, Abyssal Precipice
Flying Feathers
Successfully defeat Icetalon after killing 7 Fledgling Aquilas within 6 seconds of each other on expert difficulty.
Dungeons, Abyssal Precipice
Melting Ice
Defeat Kaler Andrenos within 150 seconds without any player being damaged by Icy Explosion.
Dungeons, Abyssal Precipice
Perfect Execution
Defeat Calyx the Ancient without any player taking damage from Wrath of the Deeps or dying on expert difficulty.
Dungeons, Abyssal Precipice
Rapid Assault: Abyssal Precipice
Defeat all Abyssal Precipice bosses on expert difficulty within 40 minutes of first combat.
Dungeons, Abyssal Precipice
Take No Prisoners
Defeat Calyx the Ancient without any player being trapped by Abyssal Depths on expert difficulty.
Dungeons, Abyssal Precipice
The Sky Is Falling
Defeat Renthar without any player taking any damage from Cave In or dying on expert difficulty.
Dungeons, Abyssal Precipice
There Will Be Blood
Defeat Majolic the Bloodwalker while two or more players are entombed inside a blood crystal on expert difficulty.
Dungeons, Abyssal Precipice
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